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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about kgbpeople

  1. What's kgbpeople?

    kgbpeople is a search engine for people. It searches the web for information about a particular person and uses search engines, social networks and picture/video/audio sites to gather relevant info.

  2. How does kgbpeople work?

    When you type in a name we let our software do an intensive search around the web and we present the results in a straightforward interface. This enables you to quickly see the available info about you or another person.

  3. What's new at kgbpeople?

    Since version 1.0, which launched in October 2007 in the Netherlands, we added a lot of new features: Source selection, speed, more profile options and above all: a brand new design.

Questions about kgbpeople profiles

  1. Why is there already a profile on my name?

    If you found a profile on kgbpeople with your name it is probably someone who is sharing this name and registered a profile. Our system allows multiple users with the same name so don't hesistate to claim yours. If you think that someone abuses your name please contact us!

  2. How can I delete my profile?

    To delete your profile you can use the unsubscribe link in your personal dashboard.

  3. Can other people see my profile data?

    In your profile you can choose which info is included in your public profile

Questions about privacy

  1. Why is there data on kgbpeople about me?

    kgbpeople searches 'live' in several sources when you type in a search query on your name. Information is gathered from the web and is collected for you on our website. We do not save any data into our systems.

  2. Help! The data on my name is incorrect

    kgbpeople searches for your name on different sources and it can happen that the information found is incorrect. Please contact the source (click on info) about the incorrect information and try to correct the data.

  3. How can I remove data from kgbpeople?

    If there is some data that you don't like, we advise you to contact the source and try to convince them to remove the content. You can see where kgbpeople found this data by clicking on 'info'. Besides that, it is possible that you can comment on this information by claiming your name on kgbpeople and adding this result to your profile. You also have the ability to explain how this information is incorrect.

Questions about kgbpeople tools

  1. Why haven't you got a widget for [website]?

    We try to search through the most popular websites. If you think that a certain site is missing, please let us know.