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Karl Michael Sala

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  • About Me:

    160+ endearing WRITTEN Linkedin endorsements! How many need you?
    Since 1979: 98% success ratio: located THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for THOUSANDS on both sides of The Veil !

  • Email:
  • Location: Phoenix
  • Country: United States
  • Age: 60
  • Sex: Male
  • Relationship: Married
  • Kids: 4
  • Address: 5010 E Cheyenne Dr #1013
  • Postal Code: 85044
  • City: Phoenix
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 888-456-7252
  • Email:
  • My Favourite Sports:

    gymnastics (former #1 top trampolinist while only a sophomore @ Stebbins High School, Dayton, Ohio. I now perform the genealogy researcher's equivalent of double-twisting back flips for clients!)
    After loving having found thousands of ancestors, no time

  • My Favourite Music:

    melodic harmonious medium rock & country-rock: Boston, Beatles, Brooks, Eagles; classical music choir performance;
    1971: as a high school junior, sang lead role,"Tony" in West Side Story. 1st Tenor: symphony choirs. Now sings for grandkids, ward choir.

  • My Favourite Films:

    Martin Luther; Book of Mormon: The Movie
    Others movies that mean something special about people. This is sometimes shown in crime-shows & tragedies.
    Shows in which the bad guy gets caught & prosecuted.
    Who Do You Think You Are?
    Family History Shows

  • My Favourite Books:

    1) Book of Mormon; 2) Bible; 3) Doctrine & Covenants 4) Pearl of Great Price
    Reference: Meyers gazetteer of the German Empire (pre-WW1);
    Taylor Caldwell's "Dear & Glorious Physician" & "Great Lion of God" turned me on to Christianity, dealing w/ life.

  • My Favourite Travels:

    All over, but esp Kassel, Hessen, Germany, et al. Europe countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France (Alsace-Lorraine or Elsass-Lothringen), Poland, Switzerland, or ancestry, genealogy & family history research
    Turkey; the Ocean by most any coast

  • Other Interests:

    Ahnenforschung, ancestry, Baden, Bavaria, Bayern, Brandenburg, Hannover, Hessen, genealogy, geneology, Germany, Hessen, Kassel, Poland, Prussia, Preussen, Württemberg, internet, family history, professional genealogist, professional genealogy researcher

  • Profession: Owner,
    1984: Became an Accredited Genealogist (Germany)
    1995: Near-death Experience; Accreditation revoked.
    2011: Found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images; 100+ Germany cases cracked
    Since 1979: Cracked hundreds of cas
  • Company:
    The German Genealogist
    My Family History Mystery
    Ancestral Intelligence Agency
  • School(s): 1981: BA, Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah)
    1981: AA, BYU
    1972: Izmir, Turkey American High School
    1984: LDS Business College (Salesmanship & Accounting)
    1991: University of Phoenix MBA program classes (incomplete)
  • Education: 1985: USAF Officer Training School
    1973: USAF Basic Military Training
    on-going, many & much private, personal education for computer usage, sales & service online & in small classes
    Children & adults teach me concepts, daily
  • Resume: View
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    WOW factor score 14896
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    Twitter 102 followers
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    Flickr 50 views
    YouTube 1 subscriber
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