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Barrack Obama

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3.052 results found

First 10 results

Republican Group Attacks 'Barrack Obama'

The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent an email Tuesday afternoon urging supporters to help it "fire Harry Reid" by winning a GOP majority in the Senate. It tried the well-worn tactic of tying Reid to the president, saying the Senate ...


Obama unable to secure Labor Day tee time

Looking to get a tee time at Winged Foot? How about Trump National? Apparently even the president of the United States sometimes gets the brush-off, according to a broadcast report. President Barack Obama was in the New York City area for Labor Day, ...


US President Barrack Obama to send 3000 troops to tackle Ebola

The United States announced on Tuesday that it would send 3,000 troops to help tackle the Ebola outbreak as part of a ramped-up response including a major deployment in Liberia, the country where the epidemic is spiraling fastest out of control. The U ...


Who is better – Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama?

Recently Mitt Romney has given statement that he must have done better job than Barrack Obama if he would have been selected for position of Prime Minister. Advertisements. Everyone knows Mitt Romney was a strong contestant for prime minister Position ...


Gun Store Names Rifle Barrel After Obama But Can't Spell His Name

In a post on its website dripping with sarcasm, Ares Armor described the nearly foot-long upper portion of an AR-15 assault rifle as a way to thank President “Barrack” Obama for being “the firearms industry spokesman and salesmen of all time.” The jab ...


Barrack Obama's Delay on Immigration Might Affect Election Results

There are roughly two months before midterm elections and President Barrack Obama has yet to take action on immigration. Lawmakers and advocates from both parties are now rethinking their strategies for the fall. On one side, the Democrats, who were ...


US media sceptical about Barrack Obama plan to fight IS

Washington, Sep 11 : Major US newspapers Thursday expressed doubts on the effectiveness of President Barrack Obama's plans against the Islamic State (IS) Sunni extremist group in Iraq and Syria, while warning about risks of an extensive military ...


California attorney facing suspension for fake photos with celebs

The California State Bar Court is recommending Svitlana Sangary be suspended from practicing law for six months, after an investigation showed her website featured fake publicity photos of her next to President Barrack Obama, former President Bill ...


Barrack Obama: US military will help West Africa to fight against Ebola virus

To help fight against in West Africa, US Barrack Obama(President) decided that the country's military will help them and the decision is made when the phone calls were came from various groups. The US military will aid the health workers. It will ...


"Obama's Blaster" Gun Barrel Is a Joke: Store Owner

... said Karras. “He's so anti-gun that he's become pro-rocket.” In a YouTube video and description dripping with sarcasm, Ares Armor thanks President “Barrack” Obama for being “the distinguished firearms industry spokesman and salesman of all time.” ...



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First 10 results

Picture Name Location  
Barrack Obama New York, NY  
Barrack Obama Petaling Jaya, Malaysia  
Barrack Honolulu, HA  
Barrack Omondi Kenya  
Barrack Alaina Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia  
Barrack AlYaseen South Surra  
Barrack Obaga Kenya  
Barrack Zein Indonesia  
Barrack Oliu Nigeria  
Barrack Romen Lagos, 05  


6 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Barrack Obama Detroit y alrededores, Estados Unidos Telecomunicaciones  
Barrack Obama Provo y alrededores, Utah, Estados Unidos Organización política  
Barrack Obama Sídney y alrededores, Australia  
Barrack Obama Estados Unidos  
Barrack Obama Cardiff, Reino Unido Deportes  
Barrack Obama Área Metropolitana de Washington D.C., Estados Unidos Banca  


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