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Mark Twain

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Vandals Break Windows at Mark Twain House, Several Hartford Businesses

Vandals left a mile-long trail of damage as they threw bricks and stones through windows of several businesses in Hartford overnight, including at the historic Mark Twain House. Police said at least nine businesses in the area of Farmington Avenue ...


Hal Holbrook, bringing 'Mark Twain' to PAC, is ready to vent

Hal Holbrook will not rest. Despite a career that spans more than 60 years and a pile of accolades for work in film, television and on the stage, the 90-year-old actor best known for roles in "The Fog," "Wall Street," "Into the Wild," "The Firm" and ...


Eddie Murphy to receive Kennedy Center's 2015 Mark Twain Prize

Eddie Murphy, known for his sharp comic observations and salty language, will receive the Kennedy Center's 2015 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Murphy will be honored with the 18th annual prize at a gala performance Oct. 18 featuring as yet ...


Mark Twain helps raise funds for Nelson Pioneer Farm

Will Thomson, of Iowa City, portrayed the famous 19th century writer Mark Twain Thursday night at a Chief Mahaska 505 Questers fundraiser held at the First Presbyterian Church. The Questers raised funds for renovation of the Nelson Pioneer Farm house.


Hal Holbrook still finding fresh material for 'Mark Twain Tonight!'

He said he keeps revising "Mark Twain Tonight!" based on what's going on in "our country and the rest of the crazy world." His current version of the show includes another piece of "Huckleberry Finn," the Grangerford-Sheperdson feud, which has turned ...


Residents Fight Mark Twain National Forest Restoration Plan

The U.S. Forest Service wants to use fire, herbicides and chainsaws to cure ailing woods in the Mark Twain National Forest along the Missouri-Arkansas border. AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: There's a feud along the border of Missouri and Arkansas in the Mark ...


Hal Holbrook's 'Mark Twain Tonight!' remains timely, topical

Early in Hal Holbrook's Monday night edition of "Mark Twain Tonight!" — the show he's now been performing for more than 60 years — he settled into a chair and then appeared to doze off. Nervous titters from the Marcus Center audience suggested ...


Nevada newspaper where Mark Twain made his name is back in business

One wonders what Mark Twain himself would make of the news: The Gold Rush-era newspaper for which he once penned stories and witticisms on frontier life as a fledgling journalist is once again in print after a decades-long hiatus. Following numerous ...


Stone thrown through Twain House window

The Mark Twain House in Hartford was damaged by a stone thrown through a window during a vandalism spree that police say also targeted businesses along the same street. Twain House spokesman David Cash said a four-inch paving stone crashed ...


Larry Kramer: 'How could you not realise Mark Twain was gay?'

“I mean, how could you write the life of Mark Twain without realising that he was hugely, hugely gay? The way he lived, who his friends were, and how his relationships began. And what he wrote about! I don't know how you could avoid the assumption that ...



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Twain Harte Market TWAIN HARTE, CA  
Mark Twain  
Mark Twain ES HOUSTON, TX  
Mark Twain  
Mark twain  
mark twain  
Mark Twain  
Mark Twain  


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