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Megyn Kelly

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Megyn Kelly Upset When Ferguson Protests Interrupt Her ISIS Coverage [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly was upset Tuesday night when her Fox News producers interrupted a segment about the death of journalist James Foley to show protesters clashing with police in Ferguson, Mo. Pete Hegseth, Fox News contributor and Iraq combat veteran, was ...


Megyn Kelly Rips MO Governor: 'That is Not the Way Our Justice System Works'

Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly criticized Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) for a statement he released on Tuesday calling for “a vigorous prosecution,” “justice for the family of Michael Brown” and “justice for Michael Brown.” “That is not the way our ...


Megyn Kelly Uses Ferguson Protests To Re-Launch Race Attacks On Eric Holder

Megyn Kelly found the Ferguson protests a perfect excuse to reunite with her old race-baiting pal, J. Christian Adams, for a new round of racial attacks on Attorney General Eric Holder. Kelly has a long – and discredited – history of accusing Holder of ...


Michael Brown shooting: Fox news presenter Megyn Kelly criticises Governor ...

Fox news presenter Megyn Kelly has criticised Missouri Governor Jay Nixon after he issued a statement in which he suggested that the officer responsible for fatally shooting black teenager Michael Brown in “broad daylight” should face a “vigorous ...


Megyn Kelly: Secret of her success

Glenn Greenwald wants to make this perfectly clear: He finds Megyn Kelly's views “viscerally repellent.” But the crusading privacy journalist has plenty of complimentary things to say about how the Fox prime-time host conducts herself on air. Continue ...


Hey, Megyn Kelly: Ferguson is about "the death of an American" too

But probably the most instructive cable news moment of the past week was this 30-second snippet of Fox host Megyn Kelly the other night, getting righteously angry that she had to cut away from coverage of the beheading of American journalist James ...


Megyn Kelly Jokes About Beating Bill O'Reilly In The Ratings Someday

Fox News' Megyn Kelly was on Thursday's "Late Night With Seth Meyers," and joked, "My dream is someday I'll be number one and he'll write a book called 'Killing Megyn.'" She and O'Reilly are actually "good friends," Kelly added. O'Reilly, of course ...


Anti-cop mob roughs up peaceful demonstrators; Megyn Kelly calls out left's ...

The right to protest goes only one way in Missouri these days, and Megyn Kelly is calling out the left's hypocrisy. Two people marching with signs supporting the police officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown to death Aug. 9 were roughed up ...


Fox Host Megyn Kelly Flubs Ukraine Flight Limits To Bash Obama Over Israel

Fox News host Megyn Kelly misinformed her audience by claiming that that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not issued a travel ban over Ukraine, in order to bash President Obama over Israel. In fact, the FAA has banned commercial travel ...


Seth Meyers to Megyn Kelly: Was It 'Terrifying' to Interview Dick Cheney?

Talking to Megyn Kelly on Thursday's NBC Late Night, host Seth Meyers touted how the Fox News anchor had recently "sort of grilled" former Vice President Dick Cheney and "called him to task for...the things he was wrong about with Iraq." Meyers worried ...



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Megyn Stauffer Boyertown, PA  
Megyn Ruffrsge Indianapolis, IN  
Megyn Bera South Miami, FL  
Megyn Schmid Riverview, FL  
Megyn Marie Muskogee, OK  
Megyn Jones Squaw Valley, CA  
Megyn Ann Arbor, MI  
Megyn Jennings Yorkville, IL  
megyn fait perrysburg, OH  
Megyn S Saanich, Canada  


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