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Paula Deen

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Picture Name Location  
Paula Deen Y'all Fairborn, OH  
paula deen tour Savannah, GA  
Paula Deen Pennsylvania  


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People Complain That Woman on Paula Deen's Website Is Mammyish

Image from Paula Deen's website for the Lady & Sons restaurant. The Lady & Sons. Paula Deen is back in the controversial spotlight, and it's because of an image featured on her website for the Lady & Sons, a restaurant in Savannah, Ga. A Facebook group ...


Paula Deen Returns

On her recent trip to Los Angeles, Paula Deen taped a number of television shows (Fox and Friends, etc.) and holed up in the Montage Beverly Hills, where she did a few more interviews, including one with us. Thus on a weekday morning, we chatted with ...


The Future of Cheesecake Will Not Be Televised: Paula Deen Moves Online

24, Deen threw open the doors to her new digital-only subscription media venture, the Paula Deen Network, which is charging $9.99 for a monthly subscription, or $95.88 for a full year. As Deen seeks a second act online, will her TV fans follow from the ...


Paula Deen's back, y'all

Has America forgiven Paula Deen for her past transgressions? That was the question of the hour when Ms. Deen, the celebrity chef who lost her Food Network gig in 2013 after it was revealed she used a racial epithet, made a Sunday afternoon appearance ...


Does the black female image chosen prove Paula Deen just doesn't get it?

paula deen mammy Most black people don't like Paula Deen. The main exception, of course, is Steve Harvey, who chose Deen to help him mentor boys at his summer camp. This decision didn't sit well with all of the black chefs who would be dying for the ...


Paula Deen Has a 'Fry Cam' to Document Her Frying Things, Has Deep-Fried ...

Because the most Paula Deen thing Paula Deen can do is deep-fry a camera. ADVERTISEMENT. Frankly, we can't believe that it took Deen et. al this long to think of a GoPro-like experience for a deep fryer, but we live in a new age of Deen in the Paula ...


What's Really Behind That Crazy New Paula Deen/Steve Harvey Partnership

Taffy Brodesser-Akner's recent investigation into Deen's image rehab is a must-read, if only for observations from her time on last winter's weeklong Paula Deen Cruise: “[Deen's] breath a tobacco-Breath Savers layer cake, the icing of which was a ...


Paula Deen documentary tells her side of downfall

Paula Deen is ready to tell her side of the story behind the racist remark that decimated her career, but you'll need to pay to hear it. The former Food Network star has been working on a documentary about herself and her downfall – triggered in 2013 ...


Paula Deen Reflects on Scandal Backlash: "I Learned No Matter How Old Words ...

It's been 15 months since Paula Deen was the center of a headline-making racial scandal, and the celebrity chef has had some time to reflect. The Southern cook stopped by E! News to chat with Jason Kennedy and Catt Sadler about her rocky year and ...


Paula Deen -- Receives Black Guy Seal of Approval

100414_paula_deen_launch Paula Deen finally got her hood pass re-instated ... so declares one African American photog -- a self-appointed ambassador for his race. Deen strolled through LAX Friday evening and was real chatty ... bragging about her new ...



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