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Steve Jobs

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Here's What Happened When An Employee Told Steve Jobs Something Couldn ...

Apple cofounder and former CEO Steve Jobs' reputation preceded him in many ways. Many have attributed Apple's success at least in part to Jobs' obsession with detail and perfection. So you can imagine he wouldn't settle for being told that something ...


People Went Crazy When Steve Jobs Demonstrated How WiFi Works Back In 1999

About 15 years ago, Apple cofounder and former CEO Steve Jobs demonstrated the iBook's WiFi capabilities by picking it up and moving it while he was still browsing the web (via Slate). The moment he picked it up, the crowd instantly began to cheer in ...


Video of Steve Jobs calling out Michael Dell: "We're coming after you buddy"

Dell's quip, in a few years time, would eventually take on a life of its own amongst the Apple faithful once Steve Jobs began righting the Apple ship and propelling company shares to unprecedented heights thanks to products like the iMac and the iPod.


What Apple's Steve Jobs Could Teach Aristotle

When it comes to business guru status, the late Steve Jobs arguably stands head and shoulders above other contenders of his generation. His name produces 266 million references when typed into Google Google, while doing the same on ...


What To Do While You're Waiting For Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, Michael Dell was asked if he had any advice for the legendary tech entrepreneur. “What would I do?” he said, “I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders,”. What followed was the greatest ...


How Steve Jobs set Apple up to survive silly controversies like “Bendgate”

Apple seems to have successfully moved past its latest faux fiasco, “Bendgate”—in which online commenters suggested the new iPhone was susceptible to bending. The truth is that it is not easily bent, though the YouTube video that set things off—where ...


Jony Ive Discusses Steve Jobs, Apple Watch in Rare Vogue Interview

Vogue published a new interview with Jony Ive, Apple's Senior Vice President of Design, highlighting his work with the company. Vogue editor Robert Sullivan sat down with Ive weeks before Apple unveiled the Apple Watch and even got a chance to see the ...


Would Steve Jobs Have Allowed The iPhone 6 To Have The Protruding Camera ...

So: could this have happened under Steve Jobs? I am not sure. Jobs was sensitive to supply-chain issues and device costs; hard choices were made about every iPhone model to date (the first couldn't shoot video when many feature phones could, sort of).


Property Mogul Recalls Apple Store Fifth Avenue Planning, Says Steve Jobs ...

Ideas for a store on Fifth Avenue originally began in November 2003 when former Apple CEO Steve Jobs met with property mogul Harry Macklowe after being connected through Apple's former Vice President of Real Estate George Blankenship. Jobs initially ...


Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent

When Steve Jobs was running Apple, he was known to call journalists to either pat them on the back for a recent article or, more often than not, explain how they got it wrong. I was on the receiving end of a few of those calls. But nothing shocked me ...



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Steve On Jobs Brooklyn, New York 11222  
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Steve Jobs Cupertino, CA  
Steve Jobs 日本  
Steve Jobs Berlin  
Steve Jobs Hanover, Illinois  
Steve Jobs Cupertino, CA, USA  


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