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Warren Buffett

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The secret to Warren Buffett's success

The legendary investor Warren Buffett is constantly covered in the media for his ability to find, analyze, acquire large stakes in and profit from his investments, but what most people don't know is that Warren has an amazingly smart partner in crime ...


Warren Buffett Really Likes Oil Trains — Despite the Explosions

Months later, after several other oil train accidents, Warren Buffett went on CNBC claiming that oil train explosions were “very, very, very, very rare.” If Buffett sounded defensive, it may have been because he is the single most important person in ...


Warren Buffett's Favorite Indicator Shows Equities May Be Stretched

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- U.S. equity markets are reaching valuations relative to economic output not seen since the turn of the millennium, which could leave investors -- including Warren Buffett -- searching for safety in the months to come. Gross ...


Warren Buffett as Market Manipulator -- Impossible?

Warren Buffett the very icon and dean of the America's trust in the stock market and our economic process whose example has been a beacon of achievement and trust in the system. Is it possible that even Warren Buffett has clay feet, stooping to the ...


In Charity Auction, Citi CEO Corbat Is No Warren Buffett

Mr. Corbat, the chief executive of Citigroup Inc., was kind enough to give up an evening of his time to go to dinner with the winner of a charity auction that raised money for BYkids, a nonprofit that teaches young people how to make documentaries ...


Warren Buffett Watch: Dow Chemical-Berkshire deal nears milestone

We're not predicting a purchase by CEO Warren Buffett or his investment lieutenants, Todd Combs and Ted Weschler. Dow would become a major Berkshire holding through a transaction that dates to 2008. That year, Buffett supplied Dow with $3 billion to ...


Warren Buffett Shares The Inside Scoop: He Bought A Cadillac, Not A Subaru

Pretty much anything that billionaire Warren Buffett says or does makes news, it seems. So last week, when the influential investor was photographed sitting alone in a new Subaru Outback, a hungry blogger at AutoEvolution turned it into a story, which ...


3 Reasons Why Railroads Are One of Warren Buffett's Best Investments

In 2009 Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.B) bought out on of the largest rail transport companies in the world—Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The buyout was the company's acquisition to date. This in itself would indicate that Warren ...


Why Warren Buffett Wouldn't Touch JC Penney Stock

If there were no other way to make money in the stock market, perhaps it would still be worth it for investors to gamble on turnaround plays. However, Warren Buffett has shown that a skilled investor can find multi-baggers in the making without taking ...


Omaha Cadillac Saleswoman Impresses 'Secret Shopper' Warren Buffett

An Omaha Cadillac saleswoman had no idea that she was selling a car to Warren Buffett, but the billionaire found her so impressive that he personally requested she deliver the new car herself. Madison Willers, 23, welcomed a customer at Huber Cadillac ...



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Warren Buffett Moskva  
Buffett Ginn Miami  
Buffett Kim 인천광역시, 대한민국  
John Buffett Washington  
Dana Buffett San Diego  
Nouphel Buffett New York, NY  
Kyle Buffett Lunenburg, NS  
Lorna Buffett New York, NY  
Lesa Buffett Južno-Backi  
John Buffett Newtown, PA  


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