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Rush Limbaugh

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Why Bring Ebola Patients to America?

RUSH: Now, President Obama has done something that's never been done. President Obama has ordered the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to bring two Americans suffering from the Ebola virus into America. We are sending a specially-equipped ...


House Republicans Walk Amnesty Tightrope

RUSH: It is getting just so inexplicable. There's no common sense explanation for anything that's happening. I mean, the polling data, for example, on immigration. Right now the Kaiser Family Foundation has put out a poll, and it shows that Republican ...


Numero Uno for Over a Quarter Century

RUSH: Greetings my friends and welcome. It's Rush Limbaugh, and our anniversary date (staff singing), 1st of August, starting our 27th year, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. (clapping) And here is the anniversary cake that has just been ...


Left to Israel: Share Iron Dome

RUSH: How about that ceasefire that John Kerry brokered over in Israel? A ceasefire that gave Hamas everything it wanted. Ninety minutes! Was it 90 minutes or was it 90 seconds? Ninety minutes after the ceasefire went into effect, an Israeli defense ...


Carville Says I Called for Impeachment

RUSH: I was minding my own business last night, actually taking a break from show prep, catching up on a couple of television shows that I watch that I haven't seen recent episodes. And I get an e-mail that says, "James Carville was just on Ted O ...


Rush Limbaugh says US leads in climate change denial

After a 26-year crusade against "environmentalist wackos," Rush Limbaugh has emerged triumphant, according to the conservative radio host himself. Citing recent findings by market researchers Ipsos MORI, Limbaugh said on his July 22, 2014, radio show ...


10-Year-Old Reader: Rush Revere Inspired Me to Love History

RUSH: This is Anastasia in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, and she's 10 years old. Anastasia, thank you for calling. Great to have you on the program today. CALLER: Thank you. RUSH: You're welcome. So it's your turn. CALLER: I just wanted to talk about how ...


Quick Hits Page

RUSH: Does the name Keyshawn Johnson ring a bell, Mr. Snerdley? Keyshawn Johnson, "Just give me the damn ball." A former wide receiver for the New Jersey Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had a rivalry with Wayne Chrebet, which he called a ...


EIB Anniversary: El Rushbo Predicts the Redskins Controversy on Firing Line in ...

RUSH: Greetings my friends, great to have you here, Rush Limbaugh, happier than I can be, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. Every day is an adult Christmas. It's the anniversary date of the EIB Network. This is No. 26 today ...


Rush Limbaugh Lies Through His Teeth By Claiming He's Never Called For ...

On Friday's broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, host Rush Limbaugh pushed back against Democratic strategist James Carville's assertion that Limbaugh had called for President Obama's impeachment. During an interview with Ted O'Baxter on ...



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Emma Limbaugh Flowood, MS  
Seth Limbaugh Huntsville, AL  
Keisha Limbaugh Trussville, AL  
Anna Limbaugh Florissant, MO  
Larry Limbaugh Texarkana, TX  
Scott Limbaugh Talladega, AL  
Angela Limbaugh Loganville, GA  
Ashley Limbaugh Knoxville, TN  
Brian Limbaugh Birmingham, AL  
Jeanne Limbaugh Cumming, GA  


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Rush Limbaugh Großraum New York City und Umgebung Rundfunk und Fernsehen  

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