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Vladimir Putin

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Picture Name Location  
Vladimir Putin Moscow  
Vladimir Putin Moscow, 48  
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Kyiv, 12  
Vladimir Putin Россия  
vladimir putin Moscow  
Vladimir Putin Simi Valley, CA  
Vladimir Putin New York, NY  
Vladimir Putin Saint-Petersburg  
Vladimir Putin Odessa  
Vladimir Putin Moskva  


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Vladimir Putin blames US for Islamist terrorism and Ukraine conflict

Vladimir Putin used a meeting with foreign journalists and Russia experts to rail against the United States and the current world order, blaming Washington for many current global problems, including unrest in Ukraine and Islamic terrorism. Putin said ...


Vladimir Putin's war on gays

What is not debatable is the Soviet style-violation of human rights in Vladimir Putin's Russia, except that the victims this time are not dissidents and Jews but gays. And, other than during the run-up to the Sochi Olympics earlier this year, the Obama ...


Ed Davey hails EU energy deal as blow to Vladimir Putin

Britain's energy secretary, Ed Davey, has hailed a European deal on climate change as a blow to Vladimir Putin that will reduce the region's dependence on Russian gas imports. The conflict in Ukraine has highlighted Europe's dependency on Russia, which ...


Porsche Might Be Developing A Turbo V12 For Vladimir Putin

A few months back we heard that Porsche was somehow involved with developing the next generation of super-limo for Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was a little unclear initially as to what exactly Porsche would be doing, in concordance with a ...


The EU must be more vocal of its criticism of Vladimir Putin

Putin ncr Putin's aggression toward its neighbours has required urgent attention but must never overshadow the human rights situation in Russia itself. Civil society, journalists and opposition figures are increasingly being repressed and intimidated.


'Global media control allows US to sell black for white': Putin's key Valdai ...

Vladimir Putin also lashed out at the United States for destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains. The Russian President understands that there is a need to change the systems in place within international relations, but ...


Russia's Putin blames US for destabilizing world order

MOSCOW — Making clear that the Kremlin has no intention of backing down from the worst Russia-Western crisis since the Cold War, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States on Friday of trying to “reshape the whole world” for its ...


Putin: Botched US policies have caused global chaos

MOSCOW -- The United States is destabilizing the global order by trying to impose its will on other nations, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Friday, warning that the world will face new wars if Washington fails to respect the interests of ...


Football Against Racism director: Vladimir Putin needs to tackle issue

Piara Powar, the executive director of Football Against Racism, has called on Vladimir Putin to end the racism plaguing football in Russia. Powar stopped short of calling for Russia to be stripped of hosting the 2018 World Cup but said the country ...


Julie Bishop has 'constructive' talks with Vladimir Putin on MH17 access

Independent investigators could soon be at the scene of the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine after Australia's foreign minister, Julie Bishop, had a “constructive” discussion with Russia's president, Vladimir Putin. The two talked for about half an ...



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Picture Name Location  
Vladimir Putin Grand Forks, ND  
Vladimir Putin  


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