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Donna Edwards

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Picture Name Location Industry  
Donna Edwards Ipswich, United Kingdom Staffing and Recruiting  
Donna Edwards Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area Staffing and Recruiting  
Donna Edwards,B.S., M.A. Lansing, Michigan Area Hospital & Health Care  
Donna Edwards Wilmington, North Carolina Area Information Technology and Services  
Donna Edwards Greater New York City Area Broadcast Media  
Donna Edwards Dallas/Fort Worth Area Financial Services  
Donna Edwards-Stalworth Greater New York City Area Media Production  
Donna Edwards Adelaide, Australia Management Consulting  
Donna Edwards Greater Atlanta Area Outsourcing/Offshoring  
Donna Edwards Calgary, Canada Area Fund-Raising  


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"74 percent of Republicans support the Affordable Care Act."

Donna Edwards, D-Md., cited strong Republican approval for the law on the July 13, 2014, edition of CNN's State of the Union. It came during a roundtable discussion of frayed partisan relations in Congress, including House Speaker John Boehner's effort ...


Capital Download: Immigration and the midterms

Donna Edwards, 56, for the second straight time heads the "Red to Blue" program at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — that is, the targeted effort to win Republican-held seats in November. On USA TODAY's Capital Download ...


Heitkamp: Addressing Abuse Issues Can Unite Lawmakers

Rep. Donna Edwards and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp expressed a strong hope Thursday that the deeply divided U.S. Congress can come together to address the problem of domestic violence. Speaking at a breakfast organized by RealClearPolitics and Allstate, ...


Bill Maher calls liberals 'useless Obama hacks without shred of intellectual ...

I'm sorry, but liberals are just sometimes useless Obama hacks without a shred of intellectual honesty.” Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards jumped in and argued that she was indeed apoplectic over the surveillance, and that a liberal advocate was needed on ...


Escaping Domestic Violence; MH 17 and What Obama Knew; Bill Cohen and ...

Heidi Heitkamp and Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards. It will continue with a panel composed of Kim Gandy, president & CEO of the National Network to End Domestic Violence; Judy Postmus, director of the Center on Violence Against Women and Children at ...


Found in Space: Congressional Collegiality

"I wish I could be you when I grow up," gushed Democrat Donna Edwards. Space Subcommittee Chairman Steven Palazzo, a Republican, expressed hope he could "get a congressional trip to the space station in the near future." The House Science, Space, ...


Maher Blasts 'Useless Obama Hacks without a Shred of Intellectual Honesty'

Congresswoman Donna Edwards jumped in to make clear she's very apoplectic, saying Congress needs to set more limits on the NSA's dragnet and arguing for more privacy advocates who can take on the government in the name of individual liberties.


Republicans push Obama to secure US-Mexico border

Donna Edwards, D-Md., defended the administration's border patrol efforts — a May report from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service noted apprehensions of illegal immigrants along the Southwest border dropped from 1.6 million to 420,000 ...


America's Long, Slow About-Face on Domestic Violence

Thirty-five years ago, U.S. Surgeon General Julius B. Richmond, embracing an expansive definition of public health, issued an annual report on everything from improving childhood nutrition to the specter of domestic violence. “We are killing ourselves ...


Why Obamacare without subsidies would be a disaster

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, Republicans have warned that health insurance premiums would reach escape velocity, traveling far out of reach of the average American and dooming Obamacare. That hasn't happened yet, but Tuesday's ...



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Amazon Wishlists

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Picture Name Location  
Donna Edwards Bethany, OK  
Donna K Edwards  
Donna Edwards Atwater, CA  
Donna Edwards  
Donna L. Edwards CHARLOTTE, NC  
Donna Edwards  
Donna Edwards  
Donna Edwards  


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