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Mars Marshall

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Marshall engineers working on keeping astronauts alive to Mars

Taking people to Mars presents a whole lot of challenges for NASA engineers. One of the toughest things to figure out is how exactly to keep people alive during the months long interplanetary voyage. But work being done at the Marshall Space Flight ...


North American Aviation's 1965 Mars/Venus Piloted Flyby Study: the Flyby CSM

In mid-1964, only three years after President John F. Kennedy put the U.S. on course for the moon, a team of engineers at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama, became the first NASA group to study piloted Mars/Venus flyby missions ...


Recruit Report: Big-school numbers down again

South Park's Ryan Podgorski (6-5, 260), Moon's Niko Yaramus (6-3, 280) and Mars' Marshall Robinson also have at least a few offers from MAC colleges. Robinson is 6-4 and tips the scale at 390 pounds. As for the talent overall, it is not as strong as a ...


Ranking Eminem's 8 Albums From Worst To Best

Shady couldn't quite recapture that in his re-visitation, as non-canonical filler mars Marshall Mathers LP 2. The album simply teeters on the edge of greatness at its best points, not quite enough to make up for the clunkers — namely the clichéd ...


EMPIRE Building: Ford Aeronutronic's Mars/Venus Piloted Flyby Study (1962)

At the Seventh International Astronautical Congress, held in Rome in September 1956, Italian aviation and rocketry pioneer Gaetano Crocco described a manned space mission in which a spacecraft would conduct a reconnaissance flyby of Mars, swing past ...


Space Travel Update: Man On Mars, Soon

space travel As the SpaceX Dragon mission to the International Space Station comes to a successful close, the future of space travel comes a bit closer. That's good news for NASA and America's refocused space program. But they better not get too ...


Here's how Aerojet Rocketdyne might bring 5000 new aerospace engineering ...

"If we're going to go to Mars," Marshall spokeswoman Kim Henry said Monday, "we're going to need that (130-ton) heavy lift rocket." That means the new core stage engine Boley referred to in Paris, and it means new segment engines. If those new engines ...


Judge orders tests for Alvin Marshall in Henrico murder

A Henrico County judge ordered batteries of mental tests for a troubled 19-year-old murder defendant whose lawyer said Wednesday has shown severe mental problems since age 6. With Alvin Rashawn Marshall staring vacantly into the distance beside him, ...


Wind Tunnel Testing Used to Ensure SLS Will 'Breeze' Through Liftoff

Environmental factors, like wind gusts, can factor into an aircraft's performance. NASA's new heavy-lift launch vehicle, the Space Launch System (SLS), is no exception when it comes to Mother Nature. NASA engineers and contractors recently completed ...


Comic Review: Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #7

This is why we're all lucky that comics are still being published. This story would NOT work in film, television, books, or any other kind of medium. But, it totally works in comic book form. Arvid Nelson knows how to write a fun, exciting, suspenseful ...



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mars r. marshall CHICO, CA  
Clara Marshall Hoschton, GA  
Marshall SEATTLE, WA  
Stephanie Marshall NIXA, MO  
Eric Marshall Highland Park, NJ  
Wayne Marshall CAMBRIDGE, MA  
Jared Marshall OLYMPIA, WA  
Pilar Marshall PHILADELPHIA, PA  
Bob Marshall SAN FRANCISCO, CA  


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