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Nancy Reagan

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3 results found
Picture Name Location  
Nancy Reagan Delray Beach, FL  
Nancy Reagan Delray Beach, FL  
Nancy Reagan Florida  


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Rachel Maddow Reminds Us Of That Time Nancy Reagan's Astrologer Ran The ...

It's all about another tell-all by a former cabinet member, Donald Regan's 1988 book in which the bitter former Reagan chief of staff revealed that just about every major decision in the Reagan White House was affected by Nancy Reagan's consultations ...


David Jones, Florist to Hollywood, Dies at 78

It was Nancy Reagan who gave Mr. Jones entree to the social elite at the other end of the country, he told interviewers. She had just retired from acting when Mr. Jones moved to a shop on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood in 1963. Mrs. Reagan was taken by ...


Jan Hooks: Comedy actress known for depiction of Nancy Reagan on Saturday ...

While Spitting Image was satirising the Thatcher era on British TV, Jan Hooks was one of those on the other side of the Atlantic parodying Ronald Reagan's United States in the comedy series Saturday Night Live. As the President's wife Nancy she donned ...


Jan Hooks Is Hilarious in These Classic 'SNL' Sketches

Hooks regularly stood out when she donned the red suit of Nancy Reagan. Here she's paired with Hartman again (who plays a simply glowing Barbara Bush) — and plays a Nancy that's having more than a little trouble letting the White House go.


Reagan Spokesman Jim Brady Recalled as Hero at Memorial

Sheila Tate, a former press secretary to Nancy Reagan, read a letter from the former first lady. “He had a certain twinkle in his eye and a way of letting you know that he knew what he was doing and everything would be all right,” the letter said. “He ...


Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and GE Open Applications for Annual ...

Located in Simi Valley, California the Library houses 63 million pages of Gubernatorial, Presidential and personal papers and over 60,000 gifts and artifacts chronicling the lives of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. It now also serves as the final resting ...


Beirut Memorial at Camp Lejeune offers place of quiet reflection

He and First Lady Nancy Reagan just came to quietly pay his respects to those who died and the families as Larry does. My son, Coast Guard Petty Officer Andrew Alford, and I, along with Cameron and Michael Grift, the sons of his fiancé, visited the ...


This Is Where I Leave You: Jane Fonda steals the show

I particularly enjoyed two performances, mainly for the nerve of the stunt-casting involved: as Nancy Reagan in The Butler, and when she – the ex-wife of CNN founder Ted Turner, no less – played the nasty cable news network owner in The Newsroom.


Wonkette Week In Review: How Did You Miss These Nuggets O' Brilliance?

Read the story that brought you the term “End-Times Porn Baron.” 7: Rachel Maddow took us down memory lane to those exciting days when Nancy Reagan's astrologer made all the White House's scheduling decisions, and almost nobody called it witchcraft.


COMMENTARY: On Carter's 90th birthday, remember his friends

After running a Washington public relations firm, Ogilvy and Mather, he formed his own successful firm with Sheila Tate, the press secretary responsible for refurbishing First Lady Nancy Reagan's image. Without Jordan and Powell, Jimmy Carter might be ...



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