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Selma Hayek

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10 results found

A Maverick Director, At Home On The Range

The studio bought the rights to El Mariachi and asked the then-23-year-old director to remake it as a sort of sequel, called Desperado, starring Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek. But Rodriguez insisted on doing it his way. "I shoot very unusually, I ...


My Say On Blu-Ray: 'Muppets Most Wanted'

The list includes the likes of Josh Groban, Lady Gaga, Jemaine Clement, Selma Hayek, Tony Bennett and Celine Dion, to name just a few. What did the kids think? My 12-year-old liked the movie more than my younger two. Having grown up with more ...


Shohreh Aghdashloo and Steven Strait Join 'The Expanse'

Aghdashloo has appeared on the “24” and has recently finished the film “The Last Knights” with Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, and “September in Shiraz” with Adrien Brody and Selma Hayek. Meanwhile, Steven Strait will play the role of Holden, ...


Movie Title

Here we have some wonderful cameos from Lady Gaga, Stanley Tucci and Christoph Waltz, but the most memorable cameos are those of Selma Hayek, Danny Trejo and Ray Liotta. As the adventure hits its stride, audiences will find themselves smiling, ...


Connect With Me:

Muppets Most Wanted (PG, Disney, DVD & Blu-Ray) - This latest feature film that features Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Animal, along with Tina Fey and Selma Hayek. In the movie, The Muppets embark on an international tour, but soon find themselves wrapped up ...


Gerard Butler Scopes Out Surf Gear After Kissing Session with Mystery Girl

Gerard Butler spots the cameras while browsing some gear with a guy friend at a local surf shop on Saturday afternoon (August 2) in Malibu, Calif. Earlier in the day, the 44-year-old actor and his pal stopped by Starbucks for a quick caffeine fix ...


World Breastfeeding Week: Breastfeeding celebrity mums

In 2009, Selma Hayek featured in footage for US news programme, Nightline, which showed her breastfeeding a newborn baby boy whose own mother had no milk. Selma's own daughter Valentina, had just turned one. She later spoke of the moment:


The Remac Group Signs Licensing Agreement with Kay Unger New York

The Kay Unger New York and Phoebe Couture labels are a favorite among several high profile celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton, Selma Hayek, Angela Bassett, Dakota Fanning, Marcia Cross, Kathie Lee Gifford ...


Başak burcu biriyle birlikte çalışmanın 14 artısı

Başak kadını kendisine bakan ve her zaman güzel kalabilen bir kadındır. Böyle bir kadının etrafınızda olması her şeyden önce sizin de kendinize bakmanızı ve onun enerjisiyle sizin de öne çıkmanızı sağlar. Selma Hayek'i düşün bir kez, yıllara meydan ...


Aslı Bayram'a büyük ödül

Bu yıl Helen Mirren ile beraber 'Woman in Gold' ve Selma Hayek, Adrian Body ile beraber 'September of Shiraz' isimlerinde iki film çektik ve 2015'de vizyona girecekler” şeklinde konuştu. 2005'te Almanya güzeli seçilen Aslı Bayram, daha önce de çeşitli ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Selma Hayek Турция Гражданские и общественные организации  
Selma Hayek Montpellier en omgeving, Frankrijk Банковское дело  


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Picture Name Location  
Selma Hayek Tijuana  
Hayek Bàcem Tunis  
hayek nazim المنية الضنية, Lebanon  
Hayek Alhadar Tangerang, Indonesia  
Miiss Selma Unknown  
Erhan Selma New York, NY  
Prilla Selma Kalimantan Selatan  
Elçin Selma Istanbul, Turkey  
Zach Selma Cebu  
selma ygt selma New York, NY  


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8 results found


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