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Vladimir Putin

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Picture Name Location  
Vladimir Putin Moscow  
Vladimir Putin Moscow, 48  
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Kyiv, 12  
Vladimir Putin Россия  
vladimir putin Moscow  
Vladimir Putin Simi Valley, CA  
Vladimir Putin New York, NY  
Vladimir Putin Saint-Petersburg  
Vladimir Putin Odessa  
Vladimir Putin Moskva  


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Vladimir Putin Grand Forks, ND  
Vladimir Putin  


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REPORT: Putin Offered Poland's Prime Minister The Chance To Join Forces And ...

Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly tried to tempt Poland into invading Ukraine with the goal of partitioning the country in 2013, former Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski told Ben Judah in an article in Politico. According to Sikorski, who ...


Vladimir Putin brings the Cold War back to McDonald's

McDonald's long has been the great commercial bellwether of Russian-American relations. The company stepped proudly into that role in 1990, when it opened its first restaurant in Moscow's Pushkin Square and created an immediate sensation. There was ...


Creepy Vladimir Putin Puppet Could Fetch Millions at Auction

German auction house Auction Team Breker plans to sell a mechanical figurine of the Russian president crafted by famous Swiss puppet maker Christian Bially. See also: 16 Photos Vladimir Putin Should Use on His New Online Dating Profile. The 20-inch ...


Julie Bishop has 'constructive' talks with Vladimir Putin on MH17 access

Independent investigators could soon be at the scene of the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine after Australia's foreign minister, Julie Bishop, had a “constructive” discussion with Russia's president, Vladimir Putin. The two talked for about half an ...


World War 3? Vladimir Putin Deploys Russia's Troops Over Arctic Oil As The ...

World War 3 is once again entering the vocabulary of reports coming out of Europe. This time, Vladimir Putin has deployed 6,000 troops to the Arctic in reaction to NATO's recent interest in the region. Since oil is at stake, the potential for conflict ...


Tony Abbott wins backing for Vladimir Putin face-off: Newspoll

THREE out of five Australians are in favour of Tony Abbott confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin over the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 when he visits Australia next month. But despite endorsing the Prime Minister's tough talk ...


Mark Holden goes shirtless as Vladimir Putin and tapes his mouth shut after ...

He stepped onto the dance floor draped in a blood-red Darth Vader-like cape, after last week promising to go 'the full Vlad'- a reference to Vladimir Putin. And Mark Holden's Dancing With The Stars performance on Tuesday was certainly confronting, as ...


Vladimir Putin's tiger heads south for the winter

A rare Siberian tiger released into the wild by Vladimir Putin is moving further into China, according to trackers, indicating the animal will continue its "defection" to spend the winter abroad. Kuzya, a 23-month-old male, was last “seen” on Saturday ...


Vladimir Putin moves to strengthen ties with Serbia at military parade

Vladimir Putin set the seal on Russia's closest alliance in central Europe on Thursday exchanging vows of support with Serbia and attending a military parade in Belgrade on a scale that has not been seen in the region since the Cold War. The Russian ...


Vladimir Putin Politely Reminds The West That Russia Has 5000 Nuclear ...

Vladimir Putin may be looking for a wider conflict than the one he is involved in in the Ukraine at the moment, as the Russian President postures to show that his country is the biggest and strongest superpower, at least militarily speaking, in the world.



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