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Aaron Sorkin

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Picture Name Location  
Sorkin D. город Москва, Россия  
Aaron LaBerge Charleston, SC  
Ran Sorkin New York, NY  
Sami Sorkin Oviedo  
Gaby Sorkin México  
Angela Sorkin Grovetown, GA  
Timothy Sorkin Yekaterinburg  
Jamie Sorkin Los Angeles, CA  
Mauricio Sorkin Tucumán  
michael sorkin boynton beach  


1.491 results found

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'Farnsworth Invention' looks at TV's origins

Aaron Sorkin's play "The Farnsworth Invention" — to be presented in a staged reading this weekend by Southern Tier Actors Read — explores the lives of two key progenitors: enthusiastic scientist Philo T. Farnsworth and media mogul David Sarnoff, who ...


Report: Apple draws fresh blood from 'Mr. Self-Destruct' Trent Reznor

Reznor won an Academy Award for scoring Aaron Sorkin's 2010 telling of the founding of Facebook, "The Social Network", which itself was nominated for eight Oscars, winning three. He has released seven studio albums, including 1994's quadruple platinum, ...


'The West Wing' recap: We'll speak as men do

In order to teach the viewing public about the Census, by the way, Aaron Sorkin is writing C.J. as if she'd sustained a head injury, forcing her to ask Sam to help her understand the Census. He starts with “Every ten years …” and she listens raptly ...


What to watch: Television - the best of the box this week

In short his role is one of the all-time great TV performances, bolstered by creator Aaron Sorkin's snappy, unmistakeable dialogue. It wanes a bit around series four when Sorkin departed, but found its feet again eventually for a storming final series ...


The 60 Weirdest Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite TV Shows

Whether you watch it every week or binge it on Netflix, you've probably missed the weirdest trivia fact about your favorite show. Maybe someday, a video streaming service will debut a version of VH1's iconic "Pop-Up Video" for television shows, but ...


Billy Beane: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

... games by the Chicago Cubs in 1935). In 2011, Brad Pitt starred as the famous GM in the film Moneyball. Pitt and the film received Oscar nominations as well as nominations for supporting actor Jonah Hill and the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, Steven ...


Jane Fonda is back in the Emmy derby -- and this time she's 'stoned' (and nice)

Fonda roars in our webcam chat. "Leona just came back from a fundraiser a little drunk and stoned. It's quintessential Aaron Sorkin creating a character like Leona from pissed off to touched to moved – through the gamut of emotions. It was such an ...


Adam Wainwright, Derek Jeter & NY's race for governor

In a pivotal scene of Aaron Sorkin's A Few Good Men, a tough and hardened Marine colonel named Nathan Jessup declares “You can't handle the truth” to the young military attorney questioning him during a court-martial proceeding. The colonel, portrayed ...


15(ish) Episodes of 'The West Wing' To Binge View In Celebration of America

Creator Aaron Sorkin has said his favorite moments of the show were when he was able to humanize the most powerful man in the world (or as he described him, "a person with a temp job"). This was on full display in the pilot episode, which concludes ...


The Walking Life: A Brief History of the Hawke 'n' Talk

Aaron Sorkin may be the inventor of the walk-and-talk (remember those quip-filled White House strolls in The West Wing?), but only Ethan Hawke can be the undisputed master of the Hawke N' Talk, a staple of the actor's lengthy filmography. What is a ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Aaron Sorkin Baltimore, Maryland , Verenigde Staten Mechanische of industriële techniek  
AarN Sorkin ColN Verenigde Staten  
Aaron Sorkin Israël  


10 results found