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Al Gore

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9 results found
Picture Name Location  
Al Gore Unknown  
Al Gore Moscow, 48  
Al Gore Atlanta, GA  
Al Gore Cape Town, Western Cape  
Al Gore Zernez, GR  
Al Gore Fairfield, CA  
Al Gore Toronto, Canada  
Rich T. San Antonio & Austin (TX Hill Country)  
Osman Tunca Sakarya /Adapazarı Serdivan maltepe  


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Al Gore, Neil Young sing same tune — the Internet will free us

SAN FRANCISCO — Technology and social media are saviors that will expose corrupt politicians and help save the environment from the forces of evil. That's the view of former Vice President Al Gore and his friend, rocker Neil Young. The pair took to ...


Al Gore: America's Unofficial Climate Czar

Former vice president turned unofficial environmental czar Al Gore pitched climate control to a packed house at Dreamforce 2014 with some 150,000 registrants and 5 million online via Salesforce Live. But what caught my eye most wasn't what Gore said ...


More About Seventh Generation's $30M Infusion From Al Gore

The investment came last month from London-based Generation Investment Management Fund, which was co-founded by former vice president Al Gore. With more than $300 million in annual retail sales, the Burlington, VT.-based Seventh Generation is a 25 ...


Al Gore wants to engage Millennials on climate change

SAN FRANCISCO — Al Gore is synonymous with global climate change — and has been richly rewarded for his efforts. A Nobel Peace Prize. Grammy. Emmy. Subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Add Millennial ...


Al Gore Sells Carbon Tax While Eating Gourmet Dinner With Georgetown Elites

Former Vice President Al Gore told guests at a swanky dinner Wednesday night that there needs to be a tax on carbon dioxide emissions and political consequences for those who deny that fossil fuels are causing catastrophic global warming. The one-time ...


Nigel Farage takes inspiration from Al Gore

Al Gore is an unlikely source of inspiration for Ukip – in fact the party once pledged to ban the former Vice President's controversial climate change documentary from schools, calling it dangerous global warming 'propaganda'. But might they have more ...


Why Al Gore Is a Natural-Gas Skeptic

But don't look for climate crusader Al Gore to cheer the rise of gas, even though gas produces just half the carbon-dioxide emissions of coal. In an interview with National Journal, Gore explained why he's no fan of natural gas, which has enjoyed ...


Melissa Ratcliff dead as former Al Gore press aide is involved in car accident

Melissa Bonney Ratcliff, a one-time aide to Vice President Al Gore, has been killed by an elderly motorist's out-of-control car in San Diego. The coroner's office says the 45-year-old Ratcliff was struck by the Sedan, being driven by a 91-year-old ...


Judge cited Al Gore to justify Jaya jail term

CHENNAI: Former US vice-president Al Gore might not have had the unseated chief minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa in mind when he said, "Incestuous coupling of wealth and power posed the deadliest threat to democracy". But special court John ...


Ron Klain named Ebola czar by President Obama

Ron Klain, an attorney who worked for Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore, is president of Case Holdings, which handles business interests for former AOL CEO Steve Case, and general counsel at Revolution LLC, a tech-focused venture capital firm in ...


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Picture Name Location  
Alex Gore  
Al Gore  
al gore  
Al Gore  
Alicia Gore  
alexander k gore  
Alex Gore  
al Gore  
alice gore  
Ali Gore  


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