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Andy Griffith

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DVD review: 'The Andy Griffith Show: Complete First Season'

But Opie is not the only memorable feature of this eight-season comedy show, the most watched series during its prime-time era. Emmy-nominated Andy Griffith as Taylor was a loving father and a folksy type capable of solving personal and sheriff-related ...


The Andy Griffith Show built North Carolina on the backlot

Andy Griffith was 33 when he started work on the show that bore his name—a show that would, alongside The Dick Van Dyke Show, become the essential sitcom of the early '60s. A rustic monologist and singer who started on the “Rotary Club circuit” in his ...


Andy Griffith Knew Something About Space Travel You Probably Don't

It's a surprise to many to learn that Andy Griffith was not only the beloved, homespun sheriff of Mayberry, he was also a science fiction space hero. Andy Griffith Knew Something About Space Travel You Probably Don't. In the 1979 made-for-TV movie (and ...


Mount Airy offers Andy Griffith lore, fun for the whole family

25-28: Mayberry Days is a celebration of “The Andy Griffith Show.” From the first swing at “The Emmett” golf tournament to singing the last song at the Blackmon Amphitheatre, it's a festival for the whole family. Free parking. Tickets can be purchased ...


Meet the Andy Griffith who's going after fracking polluters

Back when I was a city reporter in San Francisco, one of my jobs was to take the daily crime report and type it up in a friendly, engaging way. The crime report was pretty par for any major metropolitan area: mugged, burgled, occasionally shot, or stabbed.


Don Knotts Was Not Barney Fife

Don Knotts was not Barney Fife. The talented comedian was certainly known best by the role of Fife on The Andy Griffith Show, which he played brilliantly, but he had a long career beyond the bumbling deputy. It is hard to separate such characters from ...


Andy Griffith died shared all over Facebook: Yes this happened but in 2012

On July 5, 2014, people are sharing a link all over Facebook that Andy Griffith [Unlink] died. This news is true, but they are a day late and a dollar short. He did die but a little over 2 years ago. CNN shared the news about his death back in July of ...


'Opie's' sad opus: Defendant admits to role in narcotics- and gun-trafficking ...

His nickname -- a reference to a Ron Howard's child character in the Andy Griffith Show, set in fictitious Mayberry -- is the reason investigators dubbed the bust "Operation Mayberry." The conspiracy was accused of distributing cocaine and selling guns ...


Wine tours offer something for everyone

It could be to partake in Andy Griffith's small-town Americana. It could be the beautiful vistas, rivers and parks found in the area. More and more, however, it is the wine. Area marketing officials are touting a new wine tour package they are betting ...


Barney Fife impersonator leaves lasting legacy

Epperson grew up in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, N.C., and spoke to Don Knotts, who originally played Barney Fife, on the phone. Epperson even enjoyed a real-life police career of his own, being involved in law enforcement for 33 years ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Andrew Griffith, Dba, Ea, Cia, Cfe New York City, Stati Uniti Contabilità  
Andrew Griffith São Paulo Area, Brasile Selezione e ricerca di personale  
Andrew Griffith Irlanda Consulenza manageriale  
Andy Griffith, Ccim Rochester, New York, Stati Uniti Immobiliare  
Andrew Griffith Ottawa, Canada Amministrazione governativa  
Andrew Griffith Washington D.C., Stati Uniti Consulenza manageriale  
Andy Griffith Memphis, Stati Uniti Pubblica sicurezza  
Andrew Griffith Dallas/Fort Worth, Stati Uniti Capitale di rischio e private equity  
Andrew Griffith New York City, Stati Uniti Investment Banking  
Andy Griffith Tulsa, Oklahoma, Stati Uniti Ristorazione  


100 results found

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Picture Name Location  
Andy Griffith millersville, Maryland  
Andy Griffith Waco, TX  
Andy Griffith Prattville, Alabama  
Andy Griffith Omaha, NE  
Griffith Nashville, TN  
Griffith Tamil Nadu  
Griffith Onggi New York, NY  
Griffith Laboratories Alsip  
Griffith Michael Australia  
Griffith Joyner Sulawesi Utara  


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