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Angela Merkel

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Picture Name Location  
Angela Merkel Küçükçekmece, 34  
Angela Merkel Berlin, 16  


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German Jews are 'miracle' and 'special gift' says Angela Merkel

At Berlin's Brandenburg gate on September 14, Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, gave one of the most intensely personal speeches of her political career. The occasion was a rally of political, religious and civic leaders against anti-Semitism. It ...


Angela Merkel allies attack eurosceptic AfD as 'abusive'

Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling conservatives have for the first time bitterly attacked Germany's increasingly popular right-wing eurosceptic party and accused it of propagating xenophobia, opposing open borders and talking “nonsense” about the Euro.


Merkel Confronts Anti-Semitism

Angela Merkel spoke out Sunday against the spread of anti-Semitism in Germany. After a summer when protesters at rallies against Israel were heard chanting "Jews to the gas," the Chancellor's speech was a welcome affirmation of the country's best ...


Angela Merkel's Greek Assistant

merkel A Greek woman always remains close to Angela Merkel's side during official state visits to Greece. Her name is Maria Stavraka, and she has become the German chancellor's virtual “shadow” during her years of negotiating with Greek officials.


What I Learned From Angela Merkel

I kept digging -- and was delighted to discover Angela Merkel has a wicked sense of humor. I applaud her surprising, unapologetic, quicksilver wit -- because when it comes to edgy one-liners, I either bite my tongue for fear of getting myself in ...


Merkel has a duty to stop Draghi's illegal fiscal meddling

Mr Draghi would never have dared to promise to do “whatever it takes” without the backing of the government heads of the day, and especially of German chancellor Angela Merkel. Mario Monti, Italy's former prime minister, said as much this month.


Emir Assures Germany's Angela Merkel that Qatar Doesn't Fund Extremists

Associated Press. BERLIN—Qatar's emir told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that his country "has never and will never support terror organizations," assuring her that his country's security is also at stake in the fight against militant group, Islamic ...


Angela Merkel Makes Case for German Role in Conflicts

BERLIN—German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a case to parliament for greater German participation in international conflicts, a day after her government's rare decision to ship antitank weaponry and small arms to Kurdish fighters in Iraq. In a step ...


EU May Rethink Russian Energy Cooperation

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the European Union may need to rethink its energy partnership with Russia if Moscow continues to violate basic principles. Merkel said there were good reasons to continue the energy cooperation, noting that ...


Angela Merkel commissions 'more than 600 secret opinion polls'

For years, Angela Merkel's opponents have marvelled at the German chancellor's seemingly unerring sense of the national mood. But it has emerged that Mrs Merkel's office has been conducting secret opinion polls and using them to shape government ...



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Angela Merkel  
Angela Merkel  
Angela Castro-Merkel  
Angela merkel  


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