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Ann Turner

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    Roxanne Turner Unknown   500 New window
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Midway student defeats twin to advance to national spelling bee

Jo Ann Turner said participation in the spelling bee benefits her children not only by expanding their vocabulary and sharpening their spelling skills, but by teaching them to be confident in front of a crowd and how to lose gracefully. Anna said the ...


Harrington and Turner senior art exhibit, “Divergence,” to open in Verser ...

Ouachita Baptist University will host Libby Harrington and Molly Ann Turner's senior art exhibit, “Divergence,” in Verser Gallery from April 4 to 15. The exhibit is free and open to the public. The show will be a culmination of the students' work while ...


Upcoming Artwalk will feature 6 local artists

John Butterfield and Kristen Cecile will exhibit their paintings at the des Lauriers-Staffenberg House, 1150 S. Poplar Ave., owned by Kevin and Ann Turner. Refreshments will be served here. Butterfield, a Momence native, uses mostly acrylics for his ...


Hampton T. Turner, 88, entrepreneur who 'grew up in jail' and became a top ...

... the one true love of his life, Sarah E. Areheart Turner; and daughter, Sarah Marie Turner. He is survived by his one and only loving sister, Peggy Ann Turner, of Lexington and one dear cousin (who was just like a sister to him), Imogene Turner, of ...


Plans for £7m revamp of The Hard go on show

Terry Turner and Ann Turner look at proposed plans to develop The Hard, Portsmouth. Picture: Allan Hutchings (141060-885) PPP-140904-222847003. Published on the 10 April 2014 17:39. Published 10/04/2014 17:39. 12 comments. Print this. IT'S the first ...


Education: California Virtual Academies accepting applications

Science has a lot of projects," Magnuson said. Ruth Ann Turner of Plumas Lake also has experience with the program. Her son, Michael, is a sixth-grader who is in the National Hot Road Association, which is junior racing. He drives a long dragster that ...


Robert B. Vitt Jr.

After high school he joined the Montana National Guard. He married his high school sweetheart, Marty Ann Turner. They had been happily married for 42 years and had two wonderful children, Michael and Chauntelle. His career was in the tire industry ...


Waco: Local Girl Defeats Twin, Advances To National Spelling Bee

Their mother, Jo Ann Turner, helps them practice. "It was hard that they both couldn't win," Jo Ann said. "But in the end only one can win. I am proud of both of them and the time they put into this. It showed." Jo Ann said this experience is about ...


Fire damages unoccupied Heflin home

Neighbors Jerry and Ann Turner said they didn't know the house was on fire until they heard the fire trucks. The house has been vacant since a previous owner died, they said. According to Cleburne County property tax records, the home is owned by ...


Area residents receive degrees

... Samuel Trawick of Conway, Hannah Turnbough of Conway, Julie Ann Turner of Conway, Markel Umbetaliyev of Conway, Jessica Underwood of Conway, Megan West of Conway, Josh Whitehurst of Conway, Lameisha Williams of Conway, Amber Williams ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Ann Turner Rochester, New York , Verenigde Staten Filmindustrie  
Ann Turner Durban en omgeving, Zuid-Afrika Professionele training en coaching  
Beth Ann Turner Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Verenigde Staten Gezondheidszorg  
Ann Turner British Columbia, Canada Gezondheid, wellness en fitness  
Anne-Că©Cile Turner Genève en omgeving, Zwitserland Milieuservices  
Anne Turner Boston , Verenigde Staten Non-profitorganisatie-management  
Ann Turner Greater Memphis en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Non-profitorganisatie-management  
Anne Pritchett, Crs, Gri Danville, Virginia , Verenigde Staten Vastgoed  
Roxanne Turner Denver en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Directie  
Anne Turner Tanzania Internationale handel en ontwikkeling  

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Ann Turner Ann Turner_ 172  
Ann Turner 0  
Ann Turner truro girl 0  
Ann Turner Fred and Ann 0  
Ann Turner emmajane2005 0  
Ann Turner Ms Annie 0  
Ann Turner annsanx 0  
ann turner 2 0  
Ann Turner amt926 0  
Ann Turner kellydlt 0  


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Amazon Wishlists

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Picture Name Location  
Mary Ann Turner Vallejo, CA  
Stephanie Ann Turner Goleta, CA  
Ann Turner  
Ann Turner  
ann turner  
ann turner  
Elizabeth Ann Turner  
Jennifer Ann Turner Lockport, IL  
Annette Turner  


10 results found
Picture Name Location  
Ann Turner Orlando  
Ann Turner West Midlands  
Ann Turner Shorter,Al  
Ann Turner Norfolk, VA  
Ann Turner Jacksonville, FL  
Ann Turner Colne, UK  
Ann Turner Visalia, CA  
Ann Turner Pleasant Garden, North Carolina  
ann turner Raleigh, NC  
Ann Turner Columbia, MO  


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