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Carl Betz

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The Donna Reed Show Reunion at Paley Center: Shelley Fabares, Paul ...

After The Donna Reed Show wrapped, Fabares said that she, Reed, Peterson and Carl Betz, who played father Alex Stone, would meet at a restaurant in Beverly Hills called The Bistro every month without fail, just to talk and catch up. Petersen said the ...


BARRY LEVINE: Some musical stars got their start on the screen

Carl Betz played Dr. Stone in the show. ##Petersen did little acting after the show finished its run. ##Johnny Crawford co-starred with Chuck Connors in “The Rifleman” from 1958 to 1963. Crawford played Mark McCain, the young son of Lucas McCain ...


Favre's return stirs mixed feelings among fans

Carl Betz, 52, who said he is a big fan of the Packers, wholeheartedly disagreed, and said if Favre hadn't signed with Minnesota, he would be more than welcome in Green Bay. "(Playing for the Vikings) is a stab in the heart I just can't take," Betz said.


2014 primary results: Jon Hoadley defeats David Buskirk for Democratic ...

Goodacre, meanwhile, was significantly outraised by her opponents, reporting contributions of just $3,585 during the two fundraising cycles. Her largest contributions were $1,000 from Ronda Stryker and $500 from Carl Betz of Comstock. Alex Mitchell ...


The Donna Reed Show - MPI Schedules a 'Season 2' Re-Release on DVD

Starring Academy Award -winning actress Donna Reed (From Here To Eternity, It's A Wonderful Life) as homemaker Donna Stone, Carl Betz as her pediatrician husband Alex, Shelley Fabares as daughter Mary and Paul Petersen as son Jeff, The Donna ...


Unchanging Channels

Ben Stein got the ball rolling in 1979 with his groundbreaking The View from Sunset Boulevard: America as Brought to You by the People Who Make Television. Stein argued, based on interviews with top executives, that there is a certain worldview that ...


Happy Mother's Day 'Old School Moms' - How We Miss You!

As an upper-middle-class housewife to pediatrician, Alex (Carl Betz), in the late '50s/early '60s she held down the fort wearing heels, pearls, and cotton dresses even while doing housework. Seriously. Maybe it was the heels. Maybe it was the pearls ...


Godzilla Movie 2014: A Retrospect To Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston A.K.A. ...

From Emmys to Golden Globe awards, he is just one of few to win both Best Actor in a TV series awards, joining only Carl Betz, Richard Falk, Robert Young, Tom Selleck and Damian Lewis. Also, he became part of recently popular films such as Total Recall ...


Back When Mother, Too, Knew Best

Unlike most of the other TV couples of the era — the Andersons, the Cleavers or even the real-life marrieds Ozzie and Harriet — the shapely Reed and her co-star, Carl Betz, with his chiseled face and palpable masculinity, had an chemistry that ...


How US Families Outsourced Chores

In his latest column, Adam Davidson argues that Chris Woerhle, an artisanal beef jerky-maker, represents a new era of American manufacturing, one in which artisanal craftsmen will thrive. It will also have far-reaching impacts on our personal lives, as ...



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Carla Betz  
Carl A. Betz  
carletta l betz  
Carl Betzer  
Carla Betzner  
Carla Betzabeth Ferreira Serrano  
Carlene Betz  


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