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Charles Manson

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Should The 'Mad Men'-Manson Conspiracy Theories Be Taken Seriously?

Then Don heard the coyotes at night and was mildly concerned, but Megan told him it was just the noise bouncing around the valley that made them sound so close – I read the book Helter Skelter (about the Tate murder and the Charles Manson family) last ...


David Duchovny to Star in Charles Manson Drama at NBC

Created by John McNamara (In Plain Sight), the 1960s-set project will star Duchovny as a Los Angeles police sergeant investigating a then-unknown Charles Manson. "I'm thrilled to be working with [NBC Entertainment chairman] Bob Greenblatt again and ...


A Serial Killer Expert Analyzes Mad Men for Links to the Manson Family Murders

And Abigail Folger was one of Charles Manson's victims. She was the heiress to the Folgers coffee fortune and was a friend of Roman Polanski, so she was staying at the house. I think that's probably a good catch on your part. Because why would they ...


David Duchovny Will Chase Charles Manson For NBC's Period Drama Aquarius

Now that NBC has figured out TV horror sells – its drama Hannibal is one of the network's most buzzed about series – they will step away from the world of literary villains to focus on one of America's most controversial personalities: Charles Manson ...


'Californication' Final Season 7: David Duchovny Quits for Charles Manson ...

The show's lead David Duchovny will be immediately heading over to NBC to star in Aquarius as a cop on the hunt for Charles Manson and his family, set in the 1960's gritty L.A. Natascha McElhone, who plays Hank's ex-wife/muse on the show, is already ...


Will Charles Manson family killer Bruce Davis eventually go free? Thomas Elias

It's been more than 44 years since a cadre of young followers of the racist guru Charles Manson loosed a campaign of terror upon Southern California, their avowed purpose to get a race war raging across the state and nation. He called the scheme ...


NBC hires David Duchovny to hunt Charles Manson

Suggesting that Charlie Manson is the new Snow White, NBC has answered Fox's Bret Easton Ellis/Rob Zombie project about the Manson Family with a straight-to-series, 13-episode order for Aquarius, a competing '60s drama from Prime Suspect producer ...


Your Weekly TV News Roundup: Mulder Hunts Manson, HBO Sends Women to ...

This week, David Duchovny hunts Charles Manson, Martin Sheen hunts Moby Dick, and Rake hunts for a new time slot. NBC ordered a series about Charles Manson. The “event series” Aquarius will star David Duchovny as a cop with a “complicated personal ...


Teaser Trailer Invites You Into the House of Manson

Teaser Trailer Invites You Into the House of Manson Over 40 years after becoming one of the most infamous characters in American history, Charles Manson still manages to captivate, as evidenced by the multitude of films and television series in the ...


John Phillips: Ex-Manson follower, 71, should stay behind bars

Prosecutors say leader Charles Manson orchestrated these murders because he was trying to start a race war between whites and blacks. Among the victims was Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of filmmaker Roman Polanski, who was stabbed 16 times by ...



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Picture Name Location  
Charles Manson São Luís, Brasil  
Manson Simanullang Sumatera Utara  
Manson New York, NY  
manson Anhui  
Manson Москва  
Manson Jensony United States  
Manson How Singapore, Singapore  
Manson Su Taipei  
Manson Chan Selangor  
Manson Yue Taipei  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Charlie Manson Stockport, United Kingdom Retail  
Charlie Manson Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Facilities Services  
Charles Manson United Kingdom Higher Education  
Chuck Manson Lexington, Kentucky Area Real Estate  
Chuck Manson Iowa City, Iowa Area Mining & Metals  
Charles Manson Exeter, United Kingdom Security and Investigations  
Chuck Manson Naples, Florida Area Retail  
Chuck Manson Greater Chicago Area Education Management  
Charlie Manson Greater Los Angeles Area Government Relations  
Charles Manson Washington D.C. Metro Area Defense & Space  

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Charles Manson  
Charles manson  

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charles manson 420 50  
Ntrieeay 7  
jessy_charles_manson 41  
charles_manson 0  
Charles Manson 0  


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