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Chris Stevens

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Chris Stevens Was a Heroic Ambassador

Chris Stevens was everything we should want an ambassador to be, and by “we” I mean both tribal governments and colonial governments. I am quick to credit his Chinook ancestry, but it strikes me that it's just as important that he claimed to be Chinook ...


Watch: Groundbreaking Claims Link This Senior White House Advisor To ...

According to Barack Obama himself, no presidential decision is made without her, creating what amounts to a co-presidency shared between Obama and Valerie Jarrett. According to insiders, she is often seen walking the halls of the White House late into ...


Video claims Valerie Jarrett played role in effort to kidnap Amb. Chris Stevens

A video posted Tuesday by the Western Center for Journalism makes the explosive claim that White House adviser Valerie Jarrett played a role in what was to be an attempt to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens. The attempt was "botched," ultimately ...


Man hunts for pet-eating alligator in Texas

When most people hear there's an alligator nearby, they run. Chris Stevens goes fishing. (Photo: CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE. NEEDVILLE, Texas -- When most people hear there's an alligator nearby, they run.


Military commanders suggest a 2nd group was involved in deadly Benghazi ...

... attacks suggests that the perpetrators of a second, dawn attack on a CIA complex probably were different from those who penetrated the U.S. diplomatic mission the evening before and set it ablaze, killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and another American.


Stevens: NFL is no longer about football

That was back when the NFL was a simple game, and not so complicated by off-the-field topics that dominate the national news. Now, in 2014, I'm not sure what the NFL is, but it sure isn't the league that I remember. Chris Stevens is sports editor of ...


Benghazi Committee Holds Classified Briefing With FBI

In May, lawmakers in the House passed a bill to establish the new committee to investigate the attacks that left four Americans dead, including Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina has been officially tapped by the ...


Rosecrans wins third straight ZHS-RHS Challenge

... Ryan Dodson beat Doug Waltman and Dana Horton 1 up, Bill Durant and Dee Ann Mell beat Ron Apperson and Rodger Kessler 2 and 1, Matt Reed and Todd Rock defeated Bill Brooks and Allyn Graham 4 and 3, Chris Stevens and Brian Schultz beat Dave ...


Move To Declassify Latest Benghazi Report Undercuts Conspiracy Claims Yet ...

This report shows that there was no intelligence failure surrounding the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans. Our investigation found the Intelligence Community warned about an increased threat ...


Thousands flee to Tunisia to escape Libya fighting

Ansar al-Shariah is branded a terrorist organization by the United States and is seen as having a leading role in the assault on the U.S. mission in Benghazi in 2012, which left four Americans dead including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The latest ...



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Picture Name Location  
Chris Stevens Clayton, VIC  
Chris Stevens Tulsa, OK  
Chris Stevens Annapolis, MD  
chris stevens Annandale, VA  
Chris Stevens Lake Orion, Michigan  
Chris Stevens Washington D.C., DC  
Chris Stevens Saint Augustine, FL  
Chris Stevens On The Road...  
Chris Stevens Cincinnati, OH  
Chris Stevens Goodlettsville, TN  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Christopher Stevens Jamaica Entretenimiento  
Christopher Stevens Atlanta y alrededores, Estados Unidos Cosmética  
Chris Stevens South Bend y alrededores, Indiana, Estados Unidos Formación profesional y capacitación  
Chris Stevens Lafayette y alrededores, Louisiana, Estados Unidos Construcción  
Chris Stevens Brighton, Reino Unido Consultoría de estrategia y operaciones  
Chris Stevens, Pmp Houston y alrededores, Texas, Estados Unidos Petróleo y energía  
Chris Stevens Oxford, Reino Unido Logística y cadena de suministro  
Chris Stevens Phoenix y alrededores, Arizona, Estados Unidos Dotación y selección de personal  
Chris Stevens Chicago y alrededores, Estados Unidos Ocio, viajes y turismo  
Chris Stevens Portland y alrededores, Oregón, Estados Unidos Relaciones públicas y comunicaciones  


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