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Christine Walsh

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Picture Name Location  
Christine Walsh Washington, DC  
Christine walsh Marietta, PA  
Christine Walsh Rochester, NY  
christine walsh New York, New York  
Christine Walsh New York, NY  
Christine Walsh South Bend, IN  
Christine Walsh Davenport, IA  
Christine Walsh-Fioretta New York  
Christine Walsh Pembroke, MA  
Christine Walsh Boston, MA  


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G-pod Dwell is a Spacious Shipping Container Home

G-pod Dwell is yet another modular shipping container offering, and it was designed and constructed by the company G-Pod. The units are rather unique in that they offer a larger interior living area compared to much of the competition. The G-pod Dwell ...


Ghostly orbs 'photographed' at Liverpool's Cavern Club during Beatles tribute gig

Like many Beatles fans, Christine Walsh felt the presence of the fab four when she visited The Cavern – but it wasn't until she got home she realised that she could have captured something supernatural on camera. The mum-of-four spotted what she ...


Glamping in a Tiny House Made From Repurposed Water Tanks

Downsizing is becoming a priority for many in this new economic reality, and while the innovative Taku-Tanku home by the company Stereotank, may not be adequate as a permanent residence, it does make for a very sustainable cabin or tent alternative.


Simple Yet Cozy Shipping Container

Jimmy from Costa Rica, the man behind the company, has successfully recycled plenty of shipping containers into comfortable, small apartments. One of his biggest successes is the home introduced in this post, which is basically a ...


MIT Researchers Develop A More Efficient Battery

The more widespread adoption of renewable sources of energy is at least in part hampered by our poor ability to store energy. But a team of MIT researchers has recently a made a breakthrough in developing a new battery system. This all-liquid battery ...


Printing Houses From Mud

The technology for the 3D printing of homes is still in its infancy, but the idea has great potential in this world where population is growing, and adequate and sustainable housing is just not keeping up. Wasp is an Italian firm that recently ...


Sustainable Mint House is Build From Corten Steel

The firm James&Mau Arquitectura designed an innovative home in the picturesque Tarragona Province, Spain. The house was built by Infinski and instead of using shipping containers as the main building blocks, the builders chose to use 4 prefabricated ...


Modular Off-The-Grid Home

The Eco Pod is a new modular home created by the UK-based company Echo. The tiny home measures 96.8 square feet and can lend itself well to a variety of living arrangements. A standalone Eco Pod can be used as a home office, or extra guest bedroom.


Getting Energy and Clean Water From the Clouds

A team of scientists is currently raising funds through a crowd funding campaign to develop Air HES (HydroElectric Station), which is basically an airship that can extract clean water and electricity from the clouds. More specifically, it does so by ...


Liquid biopsies gain ground as an alternative

Ask Christine Walsh, 48, of Bedminster, whose cancer began in her left breast in 2008 and eventually spread to her skin. Injecting lidocaine to numb her chest for a biopsy proved painful, as were the procedure and stitches that followed. "It was just ...



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