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Christine Walsh

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40 results found

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Year Long Study of Net-Zero Energy Home Completed Successfully

It has now been a year since the Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility (NZERTF) in Washington DC has been built and its energy harvesting capabilities began to be monitored. The home was built on the campus at the National Institute of Standards ...


Clinic Built From a Repurposed Shipping Container

Building Trust International recently announced the winners of the 2014 Moved To Care competition. The competition called for a solution for providing healthcare in rural areas of Asia, and the student winner of the competition was Christopher Knitt of ...


Under Cover: The Candid Camera

''Mark is personable and very good at getting his subjects' personalities to shine through,'' says Christine Walsh, a contributing photo editor at the magazine. Recently he discussed what it was like spending time with those subjects. What did you hope ...


Discarded Cigarette Butts can be Recycled into Energy Storage Devices

Cigarette butts are one of the most haphazardly discarded items, and an estimated 766,571 metric tons of them end up deposited into the environment each year across the globe. Furthermore, even if the cigarette butts are disposed of properly, they ...


Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Architecture

Building homes using shipping containers has been all the rage lately and few can deny that these structures lend themselves very well to building sustainable, cozy and unique homes. But not everything about using shipping containers as building blocks ...


The First European LEED Platinum Home

The LEED Platinum for homes rating is quite rare. In fact, the recently completed Italian BioCasa 82 is the first home in Europe to receive this high rating. BioCasa82 was designed by the Italian firm Rosario Picciotto Architects and constructed by ...


Affordable Modular Shipping Container Homes

The modular homebuilders Avante Developments of Edmonton, Canada unveiled their newest offering at this year's K-Days fair. It is an example of the type of shipping container modular home the company offers. The custom made shipping container homes ...


New Way of Cooling Solar Cells

A group of researchers at Stanford University have developed a new type of coating, which will allow solar cells to cool themselves. This breakthrough would eliminate the need for water and energy intensive coolants and ventilation, which is currently ...


Eco-Hotel Made of Bamboo

Bamboo is proving to be a great addition to the sustainable architecture arsenal and this tree house design, developed by the collective Penda of Beijing proves it yet again. The treehouse design was created for the AIM Legend of Tent competition. In ...


Urban Farm Made of Shipping Containers

By Christine Walsh on Aug. 7, 2014 | Topics: Container Design | Comments (0). city farm. The Hive-Inn City Farm is a concept developed by OVA studios, which aims to bring vertical farming to New York City. The structure will be built using recycled ...



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Picture Name Location  
Christine walsh Marietta, PA  
christine walsh New York, New York  
Christine Walsh Washington, DC  
Christine Walsh New York, NY  
Christine Walsh Rochester, NY  
Christine Walsh Pennsburg, PA  
Christine Walsh New York, NY  
Christine Walsh Davenport, IA  
Christine Walsh Jupiter, Florida  
Christine Walsh Salem, MA  


3.220 results found

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259 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
Christine Walsh Greater Atlanta Area International Trade and Development  
Christine Walsh Charlotte, North Carolina Area Insurance  
Christine Walsh, Pmp Greater Atlanta Area Management Consulting  
Christine Walsh Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Staffing and Recruiting  
Christine Walsh Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Retail  
Christine Walsh Rogers Greater Seattle Area Banking  
Christine Walsh Greater Detroit Area Financial Services  
Christine Walsh Providence, Rhode Island Area Hospitality  
Christine Walsh Coventry, United Kingdom Management Consulting  
Christine Walsh Baltimore, Maryland Area Printing  

Amazon Wishlists

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Picture Name Location  
Christine Walsh Boca Raton, Florida  
Christine Walsh  
Christine B Walsh BROOMFIELD, CO  
christine Walsh  
Christine Walsh BROOMFIELD, CO  
Christine Walsh  
christine walsh  
Christine Hemeryck Walsh SPRING MILLS, PA  
Christine L Walsh  
christine m walsh  


10 results found