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Christine Walsh

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Christine Walsh Washington, DC  
Christine walsh Marietta, PA  
Christine Walsh Rochester, NY  
christine walsh New York, New York  
Christine Walsh New York, NY  
Christine Walsh South Bend, IN  
Christine Walsh Davenport, IA  
Christine Walsh-Fioretta New York  
Christine Walsh Pembroke, MA  
Christine Walsh Boston, MA  


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Ghostly orbs 'photographed' at Liverpool's Cavern Club during Beatles tribute gig

Like many Beatles fans, Christine Walsh felt the presence of the fab four when she visited The Cavern – but it wasn't until she got home she realised that she could have captured something supernatural on camera. The mum-of-four spotted what she ...


Getting Energy and Clean Water From the Clouds

A team of scientists is currently raising funds through a crowd funding campaign to develop Air HES (HydroElectric Station), which is basically an airship that can extract clean water and electricity from the clouds. More specifically, it does so by ...


Unique Shipping Container Office Space Built in Tokyo

Shipping containers lend themselves to many architectural uses, and building office space out of them is perhaps the oldest of them all. The Japanese architectural firm led by Tomokazu Hayakawa recently completed the construction of a two story office ...


Gorgeous Off-The-Grid Modular Home

UK-based Hivehaus, led by designer Barry Jackson recently unveiled their first modular home, also called Hivehaus, which is a modular home inspired by the hexagonal shape of the beehive. The basic unit becomes a simple, tiny home, but it can also be ...


Truck Becomes a Comfortable Solar-Powered Home

On the face of it, living in a truck does not sound very comfortable at all. But converting a truck into spacious and above all sustainable home is exactly what fifty-year-old animator Joseph Tayyar from Israel did. And very successfully too. His new ...


Liquid biopsies gain ground as an alternative

Ask Christine Walsh, 48, of Bedminster, whose cancer began in her left breast in 2008 and eventually spread to her skin. Injecting lidocaine to numb her chest for a biopsy proved painful, as were the procedure and stitches that followed. "It was just ...


Casa El Tiemblo: A Modern Shipping Container Home

Casa El Tiemblo, or Tiemblo House, got its name from the picaresque region in which it is located, namely, El Tiemblo, Ávila, Spain. It was built using six repurposed shipping containers and was designed by Infiniski and built by James & Mau Architectura.


Paws-on approach to health

“This is an incentive for children to read,” Christine Walsh, assistant library director, said. “Since dogs are a very patient audience, there is no criticism. It is non-judgmental. Children who aren't comfortable reading in front of friends, parents ...


Printed Castle Heralds the Future

Building homes using 3D printing technology is still a new idea, but one day it could well become one of the top construction solutions. Especially if the technology keeps developing at such a fast pace. The most recent successfully completed 3D ...


Artist Studio Space Made of Shipping Containers

Shipping container architecture seems to be taking over the world, which is only fitting as these disused metal boxes lend themselves perfectly to building homes, cabins or office spaces. In Lisbon, Portugal the Village Underground Lisboa complex is ...



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