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Daniel Ortega

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Diosdado Cabello visita Nicaragua y se reúne con presidente Daniel Ortega

Durante la visita al país centroamericano, Cabello hizo entrega de dos presentes al rpesidente Daniel Ortega: un cuadro de Simón Bolívar y otro del fallecido mandatario. Se conoció que la estadía del diputado en Nicaragua es para estrechar los lazos ...


Nicaragua looks to Russia to modernize army

In a speech to the Nicaraguan Army on April 4, President Daniel Ortega insisted that Nicaragua has the right to arm itself with modern weaponry, and again is looking to Russia to supply its military buildup. Comparing today with the cold war, Ortega ...


El Salvador's president-elect visits Ortega

(posted April 3, 7:30 am) — Salvadoran president-elect Salvador Sánchez Cerén, a former guerrilla comandante of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), visited Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on Wednesday to ruminate about ...


Daniel Ortega declaró este viernes 'alerta roja' tras terremoto en Nicaragua

El presidente de Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, declaró este viernes alerta roja tras un terremoto de 6,2 grados en la escala de Richter que estremeció el jueves al país y dejó un muerto, 33 heridos, más de 800 viviendas dañadas y miles de personas afectadas.


Aftershocks shake Nicaragua; nation on alert

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega declared red alert Friday after an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude on the Richter scale that shook the country on Thursday and left one dead, hundreds of houses damaged and thousands of people affected . Photo: Esteban ...


US woman found dead in Nicaragua

The hostility that Daniel Ortega's administration has imbued into their people towards Gringos and Ticos is incredible. The populace practically bled it. It's always easier to convince the sheep to hate someone else and blame someone else for their ...


President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís names first half of his Cabinet The Solís ...

The president-elect also announced he would start his traditional tour of Central American states and the Dominican Republic on April 22. However, Solís would not visit Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega, he said, citing Costa Rica's pending disputes ...


Luis Guillermo Solís cierra la posibilidad de conversar con Daniel Ortega

El presidente nicaragüense, Daniel Ortega, invitó al presidente electo de Costa Rica al diálogo. El interés del mandatario quedó consignado en medios de comunicación de ese país. Ortega enfatizó que el interés es "normalizar las relaciones políticas a ...


Ortega congratulates Solis on win

(posted April 9, 12:30 pm) — Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega on Monday sent a congratulatory letter to Costa Rican president-elect Luis Guillermo Solís, who earlier this week called Nicaragua an “uncomfortable neighbor.” Ortega acknowledged Solís' ...


Child living in building damaged by previous earthquake in 1972 prepares to ...

A child living in a building damaged by a previous earthquake in 1972 prepares to evacuate the building after Daniel Ortega's government declared it unsafe, after a recent earthquake shook Managua April 14, 2014. An earthquake struck Nicaragua early on ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Ing. Com. Daniel Ortega Moreno Ecuador Marketing and Advertising  
Danny Ortega Phoenix, Arizona Area Law Practice  
Dani Ortega Valencia Area, Spain Marketing and Advertising  
Dani Ortega Spain Market Research  
Daniel Edrai CastaEda Ortega Mexico City Area, Mexico Information Technology and Services  
Mariano Daniel Ortega Uribe Chile Civil Engineering  
Daniel Ros Ortega Barcelona Area, Spain Graphic Design  
Daniel Ortega Ferri Barcelona Area, Spain Information Services  
Daniel Hernandez Ortega Slough, United Kingdom Telecommunications  
Daniel Escacena Ortega Sevilla Area, Spain Research  


10 results found
Picture Name Location  
daniel ortega Santiago  
Daniel Ortega São Paulo  
Daniel Ortega Las Cruces, NM  
Daniel Ortega Port Saint Lucie, FL  
Daniel Ortega Jalisco  
Daniel Ortega New York, NY  
Daniel Ortega Región Metropolitana de Santiago  
Daniel Ortega Guayaquil, Ecuador  
Daniel Ortega México DF  

Flickr Profiles

10 results found


Picture Name Nickname Photos Location  
Daniel Ortega daniel ortega rivera 0  
Daniel Ortega Daniel Ortega Portfolio 175  
Daniel Ortega Darthega 137  
Andres Andres Daniel Ortega 6  
Daniel Ortega Rivera Daniel Ortega 5  
danbeta 0  
Daniel Ortega- Estilismo 0  
Daniel Ortega Dano 1991 0  
Daniel Ortega Goena dannybob26 0  
Daniel Ortega Goena danielortegagoena 0  

Amazon Wishlists

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Picture Name Location  
Daniel Ortega  
Daniel Ortega ORLANDO, FLORIDA  
Daniel Ortega  
Daniel Ortega  
Daniel R Ortega  
daniel ortega  
daniel ortega  
Daniel Ortega  
Daniela Ortega Lawrenceville, GA  
Daniel Ortega  


10 results found