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David Mackenzie

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326 results found

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'Starred Up' Director David Mackenzie Dishes on Jack O'Connell Prison Drama

After premiering at last year's Telluride Film Festival and earning rave reviews at Toronto, David Mackenzie's prison drama “Starred Up” debuts in U.S. theaters on Wednesday courtesy of Tribeca Film. Jack O'Connell (“Unbroken”) delivers a dynamite ...


Interview: Director David Mackenzie on Brutal Reality of 'Starred Up'

"You need to experience the dynamite... to know that the dynamite can go off." Just last week we featured Starred Up as our latest Monthly Must See, an intense, brutal but incredible prison movie from English director David Mackenzie starring Jack O ...


Catching Up With Starred Up Director David Mackenzie

It's always a risk to declare someone or something “the next big thing.” Anything can happen—in a career, or in an industry—that can defy such bold declarations. However, the steady, decade-long rise in buzz about David Mackenzie's work is proof that ...


Exclusive Interview: STARRED UP director David MacKenzie puts himself in the ...

As one of England's most interesting and diverse filmmakers, Scottish director David MacKenzie has dealt with a eyes-ear-touch-taste end of the world for PERFECT SENSE, turned up the erotic heat inside an ASYLYUM and crashed a rock concert for ...


Starred Up director David Mackenzie: I'll adopt same indie approach to making ...

Young Adam and Starred Up director David Mackenzie has teamed up with the man behind Transformers for a new action movie about a special forces operation in South America. David, whose CV also includes the Ewan McGregor / Eva Green drama ...


Brutally Human: Dir. David Mackenzie on His Outstanding Genre Film "Starred Up"

Revitalizing the prison film genre by means of raw authenticity and powerful performances, David Mackenzie's '”Starred Up” is a bold exploration into the violent mind in the absence of freedom. A young inmate, Eric Love, played stunningly by Jack O ...


Director David Mackenzie Talks New Film 'Starred Up'

Starred Up is a prison drama directed by Scottish filmmaker David Mackenzie, whose resume includes past films such as Young Adam starring Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton, and Perfect Sense, also starring McGregor with Eva Green. It tells the story of ...


Barred in Britain: David Mackenzie's prison drama 'Starred Up' depicts a ...

“I wouldn't say it's a well-known phrase at all in England,” admits the film's director, David Mackenzie. “Worse, when you say it to an American audience—because Americans soften their t's to d's—they think you're talking about some new business that ...


My Media Day: David MacKenzie, graphic designer and illustrator

My Media Day: David MacKenzie, graphic designer and illustrator. My Media Day - Feature. DAVID MacKenzie is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Edinburgh. His work, created out of the shared creative space at Coburg House ...


Mill shut down for maintenance

The pulp mill is undergoing its scheduled maintenance shutdown from Sept. 13 to 23 which will, according to David MacKenzie, a spokesperson for the mill, improve the business's reliability, safety, production and environmental performance while ...



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Picture Name Location  
David MacKenzie Vancouver, Canada  
David MacKenzie Auckland, New Zealand  
David Mackenzie Glasgow  
David MacKenzie British Columbia  
David Mackenzie Austin, Texas  
David Mackenzie Portland, OR  
David MacKenzie Ontario  
David Mackenzie Tabuk  
David Mackenzie Nova Scotia  
David Mackenzie Nairobi  


399 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
David Mackenzie Verenigde Arabische Emiraten Personeel en werven  
David Mackenzie Washington D.C. en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Sport  
David Mackenzie (8,000+) Manitoba, Canada Uitgeverij  
David Mackenzie Greater New York City en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Vastgoed  
David Mackenzie Toronto en omgeving, Canada Informatieservices  
David Mackenzie Glasgow, Verenigd Koninkrijk Bouw  
David Mackenzie Ierland Human resources  
Dave Mackenzie Boston , Verenigde Staten Computersoftware  
David Mackenzie Hebriden, Verenigd Koninkrijk Olie en energie  
David Mackenzie Calgary en omgeving, Canada Machines  


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