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Derek Jeter

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3 results found
Picture Name Location  
Fake Derek Jeter New York  
Derek Jeter NY  
Derek Jeter St Paul, MN  


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Is Buster Posey the next Derek Jeter?

Because if you just substitute wholesome family dude for cool bachelor dude who dates supermodels, Buster Posey is pretty much leading Derek Jeter's life -- from a decade and a half ago. Like Jeter, from almost the minute Posey showed up in the big ...


What Derek Jeter's 'The Players' Tribune' means for sports media

Just a few weeks ago, Derek Jeter had a perfect moment to end his career at Yankee Stadium when he successfully connected on a walk-off hit in his final home game. It was a send off for someone that has been defined by baseball for his entire life.


Derek … Jeter!

Dennis B. O'Brien Elementary School in Rockaway Township honored Derek Jeter on Tuesday, Sept. 23, by declaring it "Turn 2 Tuesday." The students and staff wore blue and the teachers shared Jeter's 10 Life Lessons which inspired the students to write ...


Yankees should avoid replacing Derek Jeter with Hanley Ramirez at all costs

With Derek Jeter's farewell tour concluded, the gaping void at shortstop next year for the New York Yankees is ever more evident. Naturally, like every other year, the Yankees are likely to spend big to ensure a place in the playoffs and in doing so ...


Derek Jeter's unbelievable closing act at Yankee Stadium

NEW YORK -- Derek Jeter, trying to blink away the tears, and holding a towel over his face, walked slowly around the Yankee Stadium infield Thursday night, his head spinning, trying to digest what just happened. When he finally reached the dugout ...


How Derek Jeter's retirement plan may prevent broke ex-athletes

Derek Jeter, the Yankees great who played his final professional baseball game on Sept. 28 at Fenway Park, is making sure that doesn't happen to him. The irony is that, financially, he's not exactly at risk. In his 20 major league seasons, Jeter made ...


Blake Griffin compares Donald Sterling to 'a weird uncle' on Derek Jeter's website

Blake Griffin is the newest athlete writer for Derek Jeter's The Players' Tribune, and in a long and thoughtful post talked about playing for former Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The best quote comes at the end, though, when Griffin compares the new ...


With His Words and Deeds, Derek Jeter Never Entered Foul Territory

Remember when Derek Jeter was spotted walking into a Toronto strip club with a former exotic dancer? Wait: That was his Yankees teammate Alex Rodriguez. O.K., but remember when Jeter went to a Manhattan diner to top off a three-tequila night with an ...


Ten astounding Derek Jeter numbers

3,461 This, of course, is Derek Jeter's hit total. And holy, schmoly, that's a lot of hits. Heck, it's more than Hank Greenberg and Shoeless Joe Jackson combined (3,400). And only five men in the history of baseball had more hits than Derek Jeter. See ...


This Derek Jeter Christmas sweater is hideously ugly, will cost you $75.99 ...

A warning to readers: Do not look directly at the Derek Jeter ugly sweater above. It'll burn your retinas. ESPN's Darren Rovell tweeted the photo of the apparel you see above a couple of days ago -- it's another way to pay tribute to the retired ...



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Derek C Jeter  
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Derek E. Jeter  
derek jeter  


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