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Evel Knievel

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4 results found
Picture Name Location  
Evel Knievel Pulau Pinang  
Evel Knievel Bristol, UK  
Evel Knievel Shiprock, NM  
evel knievel melaka  


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What is half Elon Musk, half Evel Knievel?

Chip Yates, a California, US-based inventor, has created both the world's fastest electric motorcycle and the world's fastest electric airplane. He is soon ready to turn years of self-funded R&D into a business. But this will not be before realising ...


Meet Tim Griffin, the Evel Knievel of Congress

SHERWOOD, Ark. – It's not every day you see a politician flying five feet off the ground with a 235-pound Suzuki two-stroke between his legs, but come out to the Highway 89 dirtbike racetrack on a weekend when Congress is out of session, and there's a ...


Grand Theft Auto V Goes Evel Knievel

In what is being dubbed a stunt montage, Grand Theft Auto V is turned into an Evel Knievel like playground in which gamer, Hiddenriot, is able to flip and fly his way to some pretty impressive feats. Throughout the montage, cars are flipped, landed ...


Viva Knievel! My top five Portland beer events for the week

Baerlic's Evel Knievel tribute tops my Top Five list this week, in part because I've been been a motorcycle rider and mechanic for more than 40 years now --- took the test for my motorcycle endorsement on a 750 Norton Commando S (thanks Dick! I was ...


How 'Walking Dead's' new season compares to taking a jump off Evel Knievel's ...

the-walking-dead-norman-reedus-new-york-comic- At every Comic Con -- San Diego or New York -- there's always that one panel that reduces fans -- and sometimes actors -- to piles of goo. At New York Comic Con 2014, it was "The Walking Dead" panel.


Butte featured in national Doritos ad

The chip brand, which swooped in with financial support to help bolster Evel Knievel Days, used footage from the event in a recent online marketing post. A video hawking Doritos “Jacked” product line features footage shot at the festival. It was posted ...


We Tried to Make This Interview with Nik Wallenda Harder Than His Tightrope ...

Nik has since grown up to be the Evel Knievel of tightrope, crossing Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon, and numerous stadiums, rivers, and gorges. After all he's traversed, a few skyscrapers blindfolded and uphill in the Windy City should be a breeze, or ...


'Ghost Rider' set for Halloween roasting

Blaze, played by Nicolas Cage, was portrayed as a goofy Evel Knievel-type daredevil who eats jelly beans out of a martini glass. "'Ghost Rider' is the most 'successful' film that we've roasted," said VanCampen, still reeling from seeing the movie in 2007.


Jim Gaffigan, You Are Top Microwave Chef!

I'm like the Evel Knievel of microwave cooking. I don't even understand why some microwavable foods have instructions. If you're cooking a frozen burrito in a microwave, are you that interested in quality? It might as well say, “Toss this into the ...


I Love Television™

Just like Evel Knievel, Harry Houdini, and Alain Robert (AKA "the French Spider-Man"... a name that makes me want to murder the earth), Wallenda is just one of those "Look at me! Look at me!" people who are only happy when they do something amazing, ...



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