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Felicia Day

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3 results found
Picture Name Location  
Felicia Day Los Angeles, CA  
Felicia Day Brushy Creek, TX  
Felicia Diana Novita 🐣 Jakarta, Indonesia  


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'Supernatural' Season 10 Spoilers: Felicia Day Will Return As Charlie, Bring ...

Good news, "Supernatural" fans — Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam's (Jared Padalecki) surrogate little sister and honorary Woman of Letters Charlie (Felicia Day) will pop up later this season. However, she won't be the same Charlie we've come to know and ...


'Supernatural's' Robbie Thompson on Felicia Day and the Return of Charlie

Played by Felicia Day, Charlie is a LARPing computer expert with a fondness for Star Wars, aliases and, um, unusual tattoos who was introduced to the Winchester brothers in Season 7, only to return (twice!) in Season 8 before leaving with Dorothy to ...


Felicia Day Writes About #GamerGate, Gets Information Hacked

"Supernatural" Celebrates 200 Episodes Actress Felicia Day celebrates the 200th episode of 'Supernatural' at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on October 18, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. Andrew Chin—Getty Images ...


I'm not “that creepy guy from the Internet”: How Gamergate gave the geek ...

But it didn't become personal for me until Felicia Day, an actress and writer who created the popular Web series “The Guild,” dared write one blog post speaking out against Gamergate, talking about how scared she was of being targeted and “doxxed ...


The Disturbing Violation of Felicia Day Proves GamerGate Is Destined for a Bad ...

The news: Just minutes after actress, nerd icon and self-described gamer Felicia Day opened up her worries about commenting on the ongoing GamerGate controversy, someone went and proved her fears were totally founded by posting her personal ...


'Supernatural' season 10 spoilers: Details on next Felicia Day appearance

At this point, it almost feels like Felicia Day on “Supernatural” is an annual tradition, and we are certainly okay with that. (We'd be happier if she appeared a little more than that, but we'll take whatever we can get right now.) So when can you ...


Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers: Crowley's Mental State and Felicia Day's Return

The latest episode of Season 10 of Supernatural showed that Crowley clearly misses Demon Dean and the debauchery they used to enjoy together. Sam has now cured Dean, so those days have come to an end. But where does that leave Crowley?


The woman who made a video about catcalling is already getting rape threats

When geek hero Felicia Day lamented the harassment of women in #Gamergate, her home address and other personal information was posted online. To respond is to risk making the men who are digging through your personal information and threatening ...


Coach Felicia: The Day After

I spent last weekend enjoying the beauty of Providenciales as part of Michelle Hargrove's Restoration Weekend—an exclusive retreat that takes place annually at luxury resorts around the world. The sole focus and aim is to provide women with the time, ...


Vultures circle GamerGate

Felicia Day? She can't be a case of “see, we can't be misogynists, this one girl supports us!” Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, Patton Oswalt, and countless other celebrity geek heroes have spoken out against GamerGate—and I'm not even getting into the big ...



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