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Frankie Muniz

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1.258 results found

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These 7 Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Reunions Need To Happen Now

First, it gives us “Breaking Bad.” Then, it takes “Breaking Bad” away. Then, it reunites Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for “Barely Legal Pawn,” a new TV series where the former Albuquerque drug kingpins trade in their meth lab for a pawn shop, with an ...


Top 10 feel-good animal movies

But all pets die, as shy young Willie (Frankie Muniz) comes to learn growing up in 1940s Mississippi alongside his beloved Jack Russell terrier, Skip. The ending prompts some serious waterworks, but as anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet knows, ...


7 Child Actors Who Turned To Music: Drake, Jenny Lewis, And More

There's really no part of Frankie Muniz's career that would suggest he was bound for a career in music. In the early '00s, he was the star of Malcolm in the Middle and was one of the most successful child actors in Hollywood, but eventually turned to ...


10 Actors Who Also Race Sports Cars

Frankie Muniz. The child star he competed and won the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in 2005 and a few years afterwards he considered himself more of a professional car racer than an actor. He signed a contract with Jensen Motorsports as a driver and joined ...


Eccentrics Outliers

It's not unheard of for celebrities to try their hands at stock and open wheel cars – country singer Marty Robbins had half a dozen top-10 Winston Cup finishes in the 1970s, while Motley Crue's Vince Neil and Frankie Muniz were regulars in the American ...


Here's What Happened To Your Favorite TV Animals

There isn't much debate that animals are better than people. However, time after time, "where are they now" lists are made strictly for human celebrities. With recent news stories about animal rights finally bringing our four-legged and finned friends ...


The TV Column Malcolm's dad to Walter White -- who knew?

Malcolm in the Middle was mainly a showcase for young Frankie Muniz in the title role, and Jane Kaczmarek as his mother, Lois. The series ran from 2000 to 2006 on Fox and ended up winning a Peabody Award and seven Emmys (two of them going to Cloris ...


Movie Capsules: What's Showing

A teenage girl (Hayden Panettiere) helps an abandoned zebra (voiced by Frankie Muniz) achieve its dream of becoming a racehorse in this “Babe”-like 2005 live-action fable from Fred Smith's Alcon Entertainment company. 7:20 p.m. Friday, Central Park at ...


13 Of The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Feuds

The troubled star doesn't seem to be quite over the fight though, since after the release of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps in 2010, Shia told The Bert Show: “You could have put Frankie Muniz into any of the movies I've been in and it would've still ...


Katy Perry gets nose pierced on video

In the footage, uploaded to on Friday, the singer can be seen reclining on a chair as a professional piercer puts a needle through her skin. In the caption, she writes, “Last time I did this I was on my own with a safety pin & cube of ice ...



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Picture Name Location  
Frankie Muniz United States  
Frankie James Silicon Valley, CA  
Muniz Joao paulo Unknown  
Muniz Hilda New York, NY  
Muniz Dasnav Alagoas  
Muniz Menicucci Manaus  
Muniz Sah'y Teresina-Pi  
Muniz Gellukig Bahia  
Muniz Jovan Saint Louis, MO  
Muniz Ali กรุงเทพมหานคร, ประเทศไทย  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Frankie Muniz Azerbaijan Ambachten  


10 results found