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171 results found

First 10 results

FlexJobs Lists the Top 55 Companies to Watch for Freelance Jobs

In conjunction with the launch of its 100 Days on Freelance Jobs campaign, FlexJobs has analyzed the freelance job listings in its flexible job database to determine the top 55 companies hiring for freelance jobs. With freelancers now representing 34 ...


Ask Jack: Interview Blues, Freelance Rates, and Job of the Week

Good luck, and let me know what freelance jobs you land! (Then I will swoop in and charge $.25 less per hour.) It's a good question, and I generally refer to a list of rates maintained by the Editorial Freelancers Association. My personal preference is ...


Goodbye Traditional 9-to-5? 1 in 3 Americans Are Freelancing

According to a new study from the Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, 34 percent of today's workforce are freelancers. Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the New Workforce reveals the shift from traditional work and why so many Americans are ...


The 55 Best Companies For Freelancers

“If you can get a steady stream of freelance jobs, it will provide you with variety, whereas working in one traditional office job may only offer the same responsibilities day after day,” Sutton Fell explains. To provide an even better feel of the ...


Freelancers can aid small businesses

According to Forbes, over the last 12 months, freelancing continued to rise even as the economy recovered. This is the first time economic growth and freelancing have not had an inverse relationship – typically, full-time job growth meant fewer ...


MacArthur Foundation surprises 21 fellows with 2014 'genius' grants and $625000

Now 33, he says he spent most of his 20s “bouncing around from illegal sublet to illegal sublet,” teaching and working freelance jobs to support his craft. In recent years, his plays, which often are set in Idaho and explore transcendent human themes ...


The trouble with too much seed capital

Barely a year after launching his freelance jobs website, PeoplePerHour, the London-based founder secured a £500,000 investment from a group of angel investors, including Michael van Swaaij, creator of eBay's European operation. This in turn attracted ...


UK settlement spouse visa - self-employed/freelance

But I occasionally do ad hoc freelance jobs on the side for another company. The amount I'm paid varies from job to job. How do I declare this on the form? On Question 8.3, they ask what my pay is each month after income tax and other deductions. How ...


An Asian in disguise

I wanted to keep on painting, and I solved burgeoning financial problems by taking on freelance jobs on artwork, props and music video production — whatever was needed around production houses. I used that money to support myself and my art. People ...


For 'digital nomads,' a room with a to-do list

Many of these nomads also work in the “gig economy,” cobbling together a livelihood through various freelance jobs and applications that list them. With Breather, the nomads don't need full-time offices—but they might be willing to pay $25 to access ...



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Picture Name Location  
freelance mlalazi Hwange  
freelance ganyani joburg  
Freelance Panther Oxford, AL  
Freelance Brand Honolulu  
Freelance Advisor Brighton, UK  
freelance Milano, Italia  
freelance shoes Newport Australia  
Freelance Gigz Unknown  
Freelance Photography Amman, Amman  
Anoe Freelance Jakarta  


221.000 results found

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2 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Freelance Jobs India Information Technology and Services  
Pt Freelance Jobs Lissabon en omgeving, Portugal Internet  


10 results found