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Han Solo

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Star Wars-Themed Chocolates Take Shape of Death Star, Han Solo

Last month, we saw a toaster in the shape of Darth Vader's helmet, this month we have cake and chocolate that looks exactly like the millennium falcon, and even a truffle bar version of Hans Solo frozen in carbonite. Created by the self-taught cake ...


Star Wars Rough Cut Shows That Han Solo Originally Had A Girlfriend....That ...

Ooh, he IS such a scoundrel! Han Solo, galactic player, originally had a girlfriend in a rough cut of Star Wars: A New Hope! The footage is in grainy black-and-white, which makes it appear like a porno a little bit, and you can clearly see see our ...


'Star Wars' 7: Leaked Black X-Wing Fighter And Han Solo Scene With The ...

A new leaked image from "Star Wars" 7 shows a black X-Wing fighter. The girlfriend of an extra in the movie claims that a scene involving Han Solo with rebel fighters will soon be filmed. The leaks from the movie sets continue despite efforts by the ...


Star Wars: Al Pacino turned down part of Han Solo over confusing script

Al Pacino has revealed that he turned down the role of Han Solo in Star Wars at a time when he was “offered everything”. The US actor, known for playing mafia boss Michael Corleone in The Godfather films, was asked to take the lead role by found it too ...


'Star Wars Episode 7' Spoilers: Features Princess Leia and Han Solo's Children

However, when new additions to the cast were announced, some spoilers seem to make sense, in particular those that say that Princess Leia and Han Solo's children will be playing the leads this time, along with Lando Calrissian's offspring. Leia could ...


Al Pacino: I was offered Han Solo role in 'Star Wars'

Video: The actor confirmed the long-standing rumor that producers offered him the role that eventually went to Harrison Ford. Tags: Movies,; Movies,; Celebs,; Star Wars,; al-pacino. share. tweet. email. comment. Advertise · Advertise · TV. Debra ...


Harrison Ford joins Star Wars cast in ALS ice bucket challenge while ...

Harrison Ford is the latest member of the Star Wars franchise to accept the ALS ice bucket challenge. The 72-year-old actor, who is reprising his role as Han Solo, has been taking an eight week break from shooting the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII ...


Star Wars Episode 7 SPOILERS: Han Solo's Son a SITH!?

Star Wars Episode 7 has slowly been releasing teasers to fans - first we saw the X-Wing, then a robotic hand, and yesterday, pictures emerged of the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing side by side. And yet, for all this information, we still don't know a ...


You Can Pull Off Han Solo Stunts In Elite: Dangerous

Kirk “two weeks as a space commander” Hamilton has nothing on this person. The stuff they come up with thanks to all of Elite: Dangerous' cool details is totally nuts. Seriously, this is like something out of a great sci-fi movie. The video's a bit ...


The Bechdel Test: What do Harry, Frodo and Han Solo have in Common?

Media is pretty screwed and it's affecting how we perceive things. With an ever increasing middle class and thriving local market for Hollywood, we can't afford to ignore the pitfalls of global entertainment much longer. The Bechdel test is one of the ...



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Picture Name Location  
Han Solo Annerley, Queensland, Australia  
Han Solo Los Angeles, CA  
Han Solo Manhattan Beach, CA  
Han Solo New York, NY  
Han Solo British Columbia  
Han Solo Whitefish Bay, WI  
Han Solo Jensen Beach, FL  
Han Solo Blue Island, IL  
Han Solo Marion, IN  
Han Solo Lombardia  


3 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Han (Solo) Beijing City, China Oil & Energy  
Li Han Ting Solo Madagascar Program Development  
Han Solo Rebelde Madrid Area, Spain Logistics and Supply Chain  

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Picture Name Location  
han solo  
Han solo  
Han Solo  
Trixie Han Solo  
Han Solo  
Han solo  
Han Solo  
Han Solo  
Han Solo  
J. Han Solo Figueroa  


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