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Ian Paisley

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Ian Paisley's son: St Patrick's flag should fly on days when Union flag does not

The Rev Paisley, who is minister of Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church in Suffolk and the twin brother of North Antrim MP Ian Paisley Jnr, made his comments in response to last week's Assembly debate about the flying of flags from the headquarters ...


Pastor who succeeded Ian Paisley warns against legalising equal marriage in ...

Rev Ian Brown, who succeeded Dr Ian Paisley at the Martyrs' Memorial in Belfast, told BBC Radio Ulster: “I know there is significant opposition to it at this moment in time, and I would trust that will be maintained, but I am always aware that we are ...


SF's banquet decision has left unionism needing to catch up, says Paisley

Martin McGuinness's attendance at a Royal banquet has left unionists “with some catching up to do”, one of Ian Paisley's sons has said. The Rev Kyle Paisley, who is a Free Presbyterian minister in England, said that Sinn Fein's decision to attend last ...


Robert Hannigan: GCHQ director who can balance secrecy and accountability

At one particularly critical moment in the peace talks in 2007, Hannigan helped overcome an impasse between Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams and the DUP's Ian Paisley. The latter wanted an adversarial arrangement with the parties glaring at each other across a ...


Paisley Pattern: The Beautiful Game

The team hired vocal coach Eamon Haughian for the accent and it's clear the cast took his lessons to heart: not only does everyone sound as though they came from exactly the same three streets in Belfast, they all sound as if they've got a touch of Ian ...


DUP veteran defects to UKIP, saying party has lost ethos it had under Paisley

A DUP councillor has claimed that the party has lost the ethos it had under Ian Paisley. Bangor man John Montgomery, who today defected to UKIP less than two months ahead of the council elections, said that he had become increasingly disillusioned at ...


Diane Dodds claims best record for Northern Ireland MEP

And Mrs Dodds claimed that she also had a better record in Europe than either of her DUP predecessors – party founder Ian Paisley and former MEP Jim Allister – highlighting that she was the first MEP to produce funding directories for businesses and ...


A century of conflict and compromise: Key events in relations between Britain ...

FILE - In this Tuesday, May 8, 2007, file photo, Northern Ireland's First Minister Ian Paisley and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness smile after being sworn in as ministers of the Northern Ireland Assembly, at the Stormont Parliamentary Building ...



8 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Ian G. Paisley Greater Philadelphia Area Management Consulting  
Ian Paisley Greater New York City Area Broadcast Media  
Ian M Paisley Austin, Texas Area Capital Markets  
Ian Paisley London, Canada Area Consumer Electronics  
Ian Paisley Toronto, Canada Area Staffing and Recruiting  
Ian Paisley United Kingdom  
Ian Paisley Belfast, United Kingdom Government Administration  
Ian Paisley Phoenix, Arizona Area Information Technology and Services  

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Reverend Ian Paisley The Reverend Ian Paisley MP, MEP 9  


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ian m paisley  
Ian Paisley  
Ian Paisley  


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