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Jacques Henri

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4 results found
Picture Name Location  
Jacques-Henri Valla Paris  
Jacques-henri Pinceloup La Wantzenau, Alsace  
Henri-jacques Yong New York, NY  
Jacques-Henri Debor Unknown  


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Film Review: 'Tokyo Fiancee'

... with the participation of Kyoudai Box, O'Brother Distribution, Axia Films, in association with Films Distribution, with the support of Media. (International sales: Films Distribution, Paris.) Produced by Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Olivier Bronckart ...


A Future in Focus

Taft Art Museum's Paris Night & Day (opening Friday) was organized by art2art Circulating Exhibitions and features vintage prints by such famous Paris-based photographers as Man Ray, Brassaï, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Eugene Atget and André Kertész.


Invitation à l'avant-première du film "Jacques-Henri Schloesing, itinéraire d'un ...

Le 23 septembre, en avant-première, sera projeté un film documentaire de 26 min coproduit par l'ECPAD retraçant la vie et l'aventure de Jacques-Henri Schloesing, l'un des pilotes les plus emblématiques des forces aériennes françaises libres. Schloesing ...


Backstage at Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2015

“There's a nod to Brassaï, for me, and [Jacques Henri] Lartigue. It's quite sensual and kind of French — but not, because it's Yohji. “It is completely destroyed in areas,” he added, of the coif. “It's gorgeously kind of graphically disgusting. It is ...


Season Rescued, the Met Tackles an Oddly Resonant 'Figaro'

As at Aix (though he had a different designer there), Mr. Eyre has updated the action roughly to the 1930s, with slinky evening gowns like those in the sensual, stylish photographs of Jacques Henri Lartigue. It is a milieu also inspired by Jean Renoir ...


Aviation : un DVD consacré à Jacques-Henri Schloesing, compagnon de la ...

Jacques-Henri Schloesing, quitte la France le 22 juin 1940 et décolle à bord du Caudron Goëland du sergent Didier Béguin avec trois camarades. Après une formation solide, il participe à des combats valeureux. Il a trouvé une mort héroïque en service ...


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Transforms With Inaugural 20th Century Photography ...

After ten years of renovation, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the national museum of Dutch culture and history, reopened in April 2013. Since then over 4 million visitors have marvelled at this stunning 19th century building and its world-famous collection.


Michel Breton brandit la carte de gestionnaire

En conférence de presse, le 22 septembre, une quinzaine de personnes étaient présentes pour appuyer M. Breton, dont les commissaires sortants Jacques Henri et Luc Dion. Connu notamment pour avoir été candidat péquiste dans Orford à quatre reprises, ...


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8 results found
Picture Name Location  
Jacques Henri Checri  
Henri Jacques Vidrine  
Henri Jacques Caissy  
henri-jacques fonteyreaud  
Jacques Henri Taylor  
Jacques Henri de Rham  
Jacques-Henri Gaulard  
COULON Jacques-Henri  


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