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James Caan

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James Caan Leyte  
Carlos Javier Tirado Pérez San Juan, 127  


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Four Ways to Get Headhunted

One of the most flattering things in the professional world is getting headhunted on behalf of a renowned company. If someone rings you out of the blue and takes an interest in you, it is a sure sign that you are doing all the right things in your ...


Ask James Caan: How do I stay focused on my small business in the tough times?

If you haven't already, download my free app — James Caan Business Secrets — to enjoy access to both my audio books. My advice is stay calm, stay focused, work with the people around you, share the strain and find the solution. Give yourself a chance ...


Ask James Caan: How can I increase business from my existing customers?

The cost of getting new customers can be substantial, so maximising the value of your current ones is key. It's all about balance – incentivise them enough to get repeat business whilst also going out there and getting new ones. James Caan is offering ...


Ask James Caan: How can I start a recruitment business?

I am a young entrepreneur looking to start a recruitment firm that specialises in estate agency placements. I have around six years of B2B and consumer sales under my belt and recruitment fascinates me. What do you think the next step should be?


Ask James Caan: How can I set-up a retail business?

First, I urge you to download my app, James Caan Business Secrets, for instant access to some of my best tips on starting a business. I created it for people just like you so I'm positive it will be really helpful. Starting a business is hard work ...


Ex-Dragons' Den Star James Caan: People Aim Too High When Mentor Hunting

People aim too high when they are looking for a business mentor, according to former Dragons' Den star James Caan. The entrepreneur and chairman of the government's Start Up Loans initiative, which provides funding and support to entrepreneurs, told ...


Ask James Caan: Let decision strategy benefit your business and boost morale

Should I encourage more collaboration within my business's decision-making process? I don't want to end up being in a situation where the lines of hierarchy become blurred. Jackson. More from James Caan. Ask James Caan: How to persuade stores their ...


10 Expert Business Lessons From James Caan

After dropping out of school, James Caan was unsure where he could find success. He decided to look at his strengths: James figured he was good with relationships, reading and connecting people. This led him to start a very successful career in recruiting.


4 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask In Every Interview

"If you get to the end of an interview and almost all the questions have been asked by the person at the other end of the table, then quite frankly it is highly unlikely you will get the job," says serial entrepreneur James Caan in a recent LinkedIn ...


New on DVD this week: Oct. 31

The new-to-Blu-ray film starts strongly as one contract killer (Robert Duvall) double-crosses another (James Caan). But then everyone starts betraying everyone else to the point of incoherence. Still, Caan comes off well, particularly during a ...



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