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Jerry Lewis

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Picture Name Location  
Jerry Lewis Boulder, CO  
Jerry Lewis plainfield IL.  
Jerry Lewis Middletown, OH  
Jerry Lewis Orlando  
jerry lewis conroe  
Jerry Lewis New York, NY  
Jerry Lewis Massachusetts  
Jerry Lewis Houston, TX  
Jerry Lewis Syracuse, NY  
jerry lewis Scottsdale, AZ  


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The Jerry Lewis Telethon of the 21st Century

There is one thing we absolutely cannot understand: why has anyone had anything bad to say about the Ice Bucket Challenge? The Internet sensation has swept the nation, drawing millions of followers and million of dollars to help support the fight ...


'The Jerry Lewis': The Untold Story of the Beastie Boys Single That Never Was

In their book, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul's Boutique, published by 6623 Press, authors Dan LeRoy and Peter Relic dive deep into the backroom arcana and recording studio hijinks surrounding the Beastie Boys' greatest album.


Like reading a comic book starring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin

There's a meaty essay to be written about the lengths to which modern-day Americans will go to distance themselves from Jerry Lewis. Lewis represents the unrefined tastes of some earlier era of moviegoing, explained away through pejorative references ...


Jerry Lewis Screwed Again by MDA: They're Using His Old Clips With A List ...

Get this: the creeps at MDA– Muscular Dystrophy Association– have found a new way to exploit Jerry Lewis. They're currently holding a vote on their website for most popular performance ever on the Labor Day Telethon. It's called “Vote for Your Favorite ...


Jerry Lee Lewis cut some classics, but he also married his 13-year-old cousin

Working from a script co-written by Lewis' child bride Myra Gale Brown, who helped adapt her own book, McBride instead focuses on how Jerry Lewis (Dennis Quaid) rose to fame on the strength of his unique rock 'n' roll tunes. The songs radiate a ...


Jerry Lewis appointed Emory senior vice president for communications and ...

Emory University President James W. Wagner has announced the appointment of Jerry Lewis to the position of senior vice president for communications and public affairs. Lewis has served for the past seven years as vice president for communications at ...


In Las Vegas, Robin Williams remembered as 'one of the most beloved and ...

Jerry Lewis learned the news of the death of comic great Robin Williams this afternoon while Lewis was watching CNN. A phone call to Lewis at his Las Vegas home was answered by his wife, Sam, who quickly said, “He is too devastated to even talk about it.”.


New Beastie Boys Book Uncovers Lost Song From 'Paul's Boutique' Sessions

“Had 'The Jerry Lewis' been released as 'Paul's Boutique's' first single ahead of the under-performing 'Hey Ladies,'” LeRoy and Relic argue, the “Beastie Boys would likely have been permanently pegged as novelty knuckleheads, never to go on their long, ...


Scorsese's 'The King of Comedy' still rules, providing awkward laughs and ...

Starring Robert De Niro as a would-be comedian and Jerry Lewis as the Carson-like talk-show host he's obsessed with, the film incisively predicted the oncoming celebrity culture. One can only imagine if De Niro's Rupert Pupkin had Twitter or his own ...


'Muscle up' to support those waging war against Muscular Dystrophy

And, Jerry Lewis has never been one of my favorites. After my son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the most serious and deadly form of the disease, the telethon became more important and I watched every minute with an intense interest ...



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645 results found

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Picture Name Location Industry  
Jerry Lewis Greater Atlanta Area Information Technology and Services  
Jerry Lewis Houston, Texas Area Retail  
Jerry Lewis Lima, Ohio Area Restaurants  
Jerry Lewis Dallas/Fort Worth Area Management Consulting  
Gerard (Jerry) Lewis Greater Philadelphia Area Broadcast Media  
Gerald E. Lewis Jr. Greater Chicago Area Banking  
Gerald Lewis Portland, Oregon Area Media Production  
Jerry Lewis Greater Atlanta Area Marketing and Advertising  
Jerry Lewis London, United Kingdom Internet  
Gerald Lewis Dallas/Fort Worth Area Financial Services  

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Picture Name Location  
jerry lewis  
Jerry Lewis PORTLAND, OR  
Jerry Lewis  
Jerry E Lewis  
Jerry Lewis  
Jerry M. Lewis III  
jerry lewis  
jerry lewis  


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