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John Armstrong

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11.070 results found

First 10 results

John Armstrong: Party's way out of leadership quagmire unclear

Two questions ought to be uppermost in the minds of those party members eligible to vote in Labour's forthcoming leadership contest. First, for all of David Cunliffe's faults, is he still the best option to lead Labour into the 2017 election? Second ...


John Armstrong: Labour's morning of absolute mayhem

An extraordinary morning in the Labour Party's wing of Parliament Buildings. There were only two words to describe things - absolute mayhem. And that was even before Labour MPs had even begun their crucial post-election caucus meeting, at which there ...


John Armstrong: Utter triumph for John Key

John Key at his victory speeches over the years; from left, 2008, 2011 and last night. Photo / Herald file. A complete and utter - and indisputable - triumph for one man; a total and unmitigated disaster for his many enemies. This was slaughter. John ...


Blinkered Labour stocks the goods few still want to buy

Is brand ''Labour'' depreciating so rapidly in electoral value that the party's long-term future is now in serious jeopardy? This week's hostilities both outside and inside the Labour caucus weren't just about the post-election future of David Cunliffe ...


John Armstrong: Leadership election rules full of pitfalls

To point out the potential pitfalls in Labour's new method of changing and choosing its leader was to incur the usual wrath from the usual quarters on the left of the party when the system was tested for the first time last year. To express ...


John Armstrong: Greens need to compromise to get ahead

Launch of the Green Party's 'Smart farming for clean rivers' policy at Mike Moss' dairy farm in the Waitetuna Valley near Raglan. Photo / Christine Cornege. In the aftermath of this election - and regardless of the outcome - one political party is ...


John Armstrong: Key needs to offer hand up to Conservatives

Conservative party leader Colin Craig and Prime Minister John Key. Photo / Greg Bowker, Brett Phibbs. If John Key wants to avoid having to govern with Winston Peters perched constantly and awkwardly on his shoulder, he is going to have to help Colin ...


John Armstrong: Moment of 'struth' sees Dotcom bubble burst

Hell hath no fury like a voter who feels he or she has been treated like a fool. The political left was already paying a heavy price at this election for displaying the characteristics which leave voters stone cold - namely disunity, political ...


John Armstrong: Pre-election posturing will count for little

Winston Peters - who has point blank refused to talk about coalitions - talking of potential coalitions. Photo / Dean Purcell. In its final few days, the 2014 election campaign has turned from weird to surreal. And that is not even taking the Kim ...


John Armstrong: Winston plays Winsome - for the time being

Several months ago, a copy of a New Zealand First internal memo was leaked to the New Zealand Herald. The undated, one-page document was written by one of the party's advisers and forwarded to Winston Peters. At the time, the memo seemed pretty ...



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Picture Name Location  
JM John Armstrong Aspley, Australia  
John Armstrong Chicago, IL  
John Armstrong GA  
John Armstrong Charlotte, NC  
John Armstrong-Prior Derby, UK  
John Armstrong Newark, NJ  
John Armstrong Dallas  
John Armstrong-Millar Dundonald, United Kingdom  
Michael john Armstrong Vancouver  
John Armstrong Allen, TX  


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