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Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp Misses Press Conference Because ... He Was Attacked by a ...

Johnny Depp getting mauled by a chupacabra? Sounds like a Tim Burton movie gone wrong. But the actor really did blame his absence from a news conference in Tokyo on the mythological Latin American beast. Depp is in Japan to promote Mortdecai, ...


Johnny Depp jokes about being attacked by a chupacabra

Johnny Depp has recovered from a cold. And a chupacabra attack. The 51-year-old actor was all smiles while joking Wednesday with journalists in Tokyo about why he was a no-show at a news conference a day earlier. Depp explained he had been ill but ...


Bored, possibly depressed Johnny Depp just starts talking about chupacabras

Increasingly moist scarf Johnny Depp has had a rough week of facing intense critical backlash, the indignity of being roundly trounced by Jennifer Lopez banging a teenager at the box office, and remembering that he starred in Mortdecai. As such, he's ...


Why Johnny Depp Should Pull A McConaughey

In the wake of Mortdecai's disastrous $4.2 million opening, this week has officially turned into pile-on-Johnny-Depp week. I am part of the problem. Last week I wrote about how Johnny Depp is on his way to becoming the most overpaid actor in America.


Is Johnny Depp parting ways with agent over recent movie flops?

Johnny Depp could be about to part ways with his longtime agent to save his career after a series of box office flops, according to Hollywood rumors. Depp — who has been with United Talent Agency's Tracey Jacobs since she spotted him on “21 Jump ...


Johnny Depp jams on stage at charity event where fiancée Amber Heard shows ...

Three days later, Johnny whisked Amber to Tokyo, Japan for the premiere of his movie Mortdecai. While Amber looked lovely in a backless wine-coloured gown, Johnny sported oil-slicked hair and a dark suit. Depp sparked rumours that they had married ...


Johnny Depp misses press conference due to illness

Japanese fans of US actor Johnny Depp wear mustaches as they wait his arrival at Tokyo International Airport on January 26, 2015. Johnny Depp and his fiancee US actress and model Amber Heard are here to attend Japan's premiere of his latest movie ...


Destroy All Monsters: Leave Johnny Depp Alone

How does Johnny Depp fit into all this? Well, as you'd expect, weirdly. At the very height of the current pantheon of movie stars there are a few key archetypes. Hanks: the everyman. Streep: the character actress. Lawrence: the hero. Clooney: the ...


Johnny Depp in Search of New Agent After Mortdecai Bombs

Johnny Depp's most recent flick, art heist caper film Mortdecai, is only the latest in a string of high-profile flops for the 51-year-old actor. To stop the skid, Depp may be about to ditch his agent, Tracey Jacobs, who has represented him since 1988 ...


After mortifying Mortdecai, is Johnny Depp's career decaying?

For a good long while, Johnny Depp had a firm grasp on the strange elixir that is Hollywood mojo. He was who you went to when you needed gothic cheekbones, zanily self-aware camp, and even leftfield hunkiness. And when he blended them all, as Captain ...



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