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Jon Stewart

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The Daily Show's Jon Stewart examines 'CSI: Cuomo Scandal Investigation'

Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" took on Cuomo's role in its lead segment Thursday, where host Jon Stewart roasted Cuomo's marked shift on the independence of the Moreland Commission, which he created last year with the broad charge to investigate ...


CNN's Chris Cuomo: Jon Stewart 'Shouldn't Pretend' to Be a Journalist

How does CNN's Chris Cuomo feel about being Jon Stewart's “Moment of Zen” this week for his unfortunate “shoot down” pun while reporting like from Ukraine this week? According to a new interview with Washington Post's Erik Wemple, the anchor isn't ...


CNN's Fareed Zakaria Says Jon Stewart Might Be His 'Future Boss' (Video)

CNN host Fareed Zakaria joked on “The Daily Show” Thursday that he may soon answer to Jon Stewart. “I'm a little nervous because I realize I might be speaking to my future boss,” Zakaria said. Also read: Jon Stewart Launches $10 Billion 'Let's Buy CNN' ...


An Immodest Proposal: "What the Hell, Let's Buy CNN," Says Jon Stewart

Talk show host Jon Stewart, flanked by his writers and correspondents, speaks after receiving the best late night comedy series award for his show 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' during the 2012 Comedy Awards in New York April 28, 2012.


Is Jon Stewart a Self-Hating Jew? I Asked The 'Daily Show' Host, and Here's ...

On Monday, Jon Stewart aired a brilliant Daily Show sketch about the way Jewish people who criticize Israel's policies are dismissed as self-loathing. As a (slightly less established) comedian who has been labeled as a self-loathing Jew myself, I was ...


Jon Stewart Mocks Media 'Chaos' Over Obamacare Ruling

At least, that's how the media put it, leading "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart to whip out a severed head and begin screaming: "There is no law! Everyone for themselves! It's the end of the world! You blew it up! Obamacare is made of people!" But then a ...


Must see morning clip: Jon Stewart criticizes Japan's double standards on ...

In a new segment titled “We may have problems, but at least we're not jailing artists for 3-D printing their vaginas,” Jon Stewart blasted Japan for arresting Megumi Igarashi after she created a 3-D print of her vagina. After recounting Japan's ...


From Jon Stewart to cable news, media missteps fuel backlash in Middle East war

The backlash was captured by Jon Stewart, who was roundly rebuked for a “Daily Show” bit about the conflict with Hamas that made serious if satiric points—such as that the Israelis are warning Gaza residents of bombings with non-lethal explosions ...


Jon Stewart Wants You to Help Buy CNN With a $10 Billion 'Kickstarter'

Jon Stewart Wants You to Help Buy CNN With a $10 Billion 'Kickstarter'. 2.2k. Shares. Share. Tweet. Share. What's This? Stewart Jon Stewart, pictured at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on October 30, 2010, has launched a "Kickstarter" campaign ...


Why Jon Stewart can't say 'Israel' on The Daily Show

On “The Daily Show” Monday night, Jon Stewart opened the show with what seemed to be a criticism of Israel's recent attacks on Gaza. He didn't get far, however, before the mention of the word “Israel” caused his entire team of fake journalists ...



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Jon Stewart London, United Kingdom Staffing and Recruiting  
Jonathan Stewart Greater Atlanta Area Automotive  
Jonathan Stewart Harrogate, United Kingdom Transportation/Trucking/Railroad  
Jonathan Stewart Abilene, Texas Area Financial Services  
Jon Stewart Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Human Resources  
Jonathan Stewart Hong Kong Chemicals  
Jonathan Stewart Washington D.C. Metro Area Information Technology and Services  
Jon Stewart Greater San Diego Area Printing  
Jonathan Stewart Charlotte, North Carolina Area Commercial Real Estate  
Jon O. Stewart Edinburgh, United Kingdom Computer & Network Security  


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