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Keith Olbermann

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Keith Olbermann to women: 'The NFL wants your money. It will do nothing else ...

In his segment on Thursday night, Keith Olbermann did an excellent job of expressing the outrage of many fans and sportswriters over Rice's punishment, pointing out (as many have) that players have received longer suspensions for things like marijuana ...


Keith Olbermann Slams WEEI Host for Erin Andrews Comments

ESPN host Keith Olbermann, who admits he is not a fan of Erin Andrews, came to her defense in the face of some acerbic remarks from a Boston sports radio host. Dennis & Callahan co-host Kirk Minihane was featured on Olbermann's daily “World's Worst ...


Keith Olbermann Blasts Tony Dungy

On last night's show, Keith Olbermann took Tony Dungy to task for his comments that he "wouldn't have taken" Michael Sam because he "wouldn't want to deal with" the accompanying distractions. The great thing about this clip, which starts at the two ...


WATCH: Keith Olbermann Eviscerates Tony Dungy for Michael Sam Remarks

Keith Olbermann has dubbed Tony Dungy the “Worst Person” of the day in the sports world. The ESPN2 talking head Monday gave the former NFL coach and NBC commentator the dunce cap for his recent remarks to The Tampa Tribune on the drafting of ...


Watch Keith Olbermann Annihilate The NFL For Being Touger On Weed ...

If you're an NFL player who gets caught smoking that EVIL wacky tobacky, you will be suspended for four games. If you're an NFL player who gets caught beating his wife and dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator in New Jersey, you will be ...


Olbermann Names Cliff Lee Worst In The Sports World Because Of A Fart?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Olbermann,” ESPN's version of a late night talk show, hosted by Keith Olbermann, features a segment titled “Worst Person in the World.” The segments highlights a particular person who has said something or done something to ...


Why doesn't ESPN use Keith Olbermann in their baseball coverage?

One of the more slyly hilarious things about Keith Olbermann's eponymous ESPN2 program — which hits its year anniversary in a few weeks — is how it is basically an excuse for Olbermann to talk about baseball whenever he wants. This is a good thing, ...


Keith Olbermann eviscerates NFL over Ray Rice suspension

I know the name Keith Olbermann is revolting to a segment of the population because of his past involvement in the political talk show world, but anyone who denies his ability as a broadcaster is fooling themselves. And Olbermann is at his best when ...


Keith Olbermann Rants About Ray Rice, Perfectly Sums Up NFL's Approach To ...

Yup, we're talking about Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, about whom ESPN's Keith Olbermann delivered a fiery segment on Thursday night. in addition to facing no charges or fines relating to the February assault on his now-wife Janay Palmer, ...


Keith Olbermann Has Seven Ways To Grow Soccer In The US

Before this devolves into the inevitable flamewar (and it will; it's got Keith Olbermann, and it's about soccer in America, so it's going to be bad), take note of the pains Olbermann goes to to insist that he doesn't have a horse in this race. "I don't ...



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Picture Name Location  
Daia Olbermann Campo Bom  
Daine Olbermann Unknown  
Cristiane Olbermann New York, NY  
Amanda Olbermann São Leopoldo, 23  
Lucia Olbermann Porto Alegre, 23  
Amanda Rafaela Olbermann Santa Maria do Herval  
Maira Olbermann Teutônia, RS  
Bianca Francini Olbermann Cruzeiro do Sul, RS  
Junia Vogel Olbermann Dois Irmãos, 23  
Darlene Keith Athens, TN  


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