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Keith Olbermann

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Picture Name Location  
Daia Olbermann Campo Bom  
Daine Olbermann Unknown  
Cristiane Olbermann New York, NY  
Amanda Olbermann São Leopoldo, 23  
Lucia Olbermann Porto Alegre, 23  
Amanda Rafaela Olbermann Santa Maria do Herval  
Maira Olbermann Teutônia, RS  
Bianca Francini Olbermann Cruzeiro do Sul, RS  
Junia Vogel Olbermann Dois Irmãos, 23  
Darlene Keith Athens, TN  


177.129 results found

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8 results found


8 results found

Here Is Keith Olbermann's Detailed Resume from 1979

Keith Olbermann of Fox Sports Net ESPN MSNBC Current ESPN2 released the 1979 version of his resume on Twitter Thursday night as an act of solidarity with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (who, we're sure, appreciates the gesture). “WORSTS: If Tom ...


Keith Olbermann Takes Down NFL Again, Labels It 'National Freefall League ...

Say what you want about Keith Olbermann, but there are very few in the TV business today who can deliver strong, thought-provoking commentary like he can. Olbermann's self-titled show has been can't-miss TV during these recent run of NFL controversies.


UPDATE: 'Fox & Friends' Host Insists He Did Not Take Rice Beating Video “Lightly”

15th,” Keith Olbermann said at the top of his ESPN2 program the day TMZ released video of the running back punching Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator. The Baltimore Ravens cut Rice (NFL talk for dropping him from the team and ending his contract) when ...


ESPN's Keith Olbermann called Broncos fans who signed Phil Simms petition ...

"30,000 people have signed this. This nonsense. You're morons," Olbermann says, naming The People of Denver "today's worst persons in the sports world." Olbermann, and most members of the media, just don't get it. NFL fans wait all year for the season, ...


ESPN's Keith Olbermann has doubts about the independence of the NFL's ...

ESPN's Keith Olbermann strongly criticized the independent investigation into the NFL's investigation (yes he points out how complicated that is to say) into the handling of Ray Rice's case. On Thursday, Olbermann questioned the ties that former FBI ...


Olbermann Rips Goodell's 'Pathetic' Presser: Nothing But 'Shallow Spin'

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's attempt at a mea culpa press conference Friday did nothing to appease ESPN's Keith Olbermann, who used the opening segment of his show to denounce his actions as too little, too late. “The commissioner emerged from ...


Keith Olbermann: Roger Goodell Can't Resign, Because He Needs To Be FIRED

Keith Olbermann no longer believes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign from his post. Instead, the ESPN host wants the NFL team owners to fire Goodell for mishandling the Ray Rice domestic violence situation. Olbermann called on the NFL ...


Keith Olbermann: Roger Goodell Needs To Be Fired

Keith Olbermann had another chance to tear apart Roger Goodell tonight, not calling for his resignation, but for the NFL commissioner to be fired in light of today's AP report that the NFL received the Ray Rice elevator footage in April. Olbermann ...



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