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Kevin Costner

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100 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location  
Kevin Costner Jawa Barat  
Kevin Costner Unknown  
Kevin Costner New York, NY  
Kevin Costner Del Betis Marbella, España  
Costner Rabbani Pekanbaru  
Costner Karen Kyoto  
Costner Rabbani New York, NY  
Costner Smith New York, NY  
Costner Merrifield Columbia, SC  
Costner Choo Singapore  


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Picture Name Location  
Kevin Costner  
Kevin Costner  


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First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
Kevin Costner Tyler y alrededores, Texas, Estados Unidos Sector automovilístico  
Kevin Costner Provo y alrededores, Utah, Estados Unidos  
Kevin Costner Jamestown y alrededores, Nueva York, Estados Unidos Instituciones religiosas  
Kevin Costner Costner Estados Unidos  
Kevin Costner Teresina y alrededores, Brasil  
Kevin Costner Costa de Marfil Telecomunicaciones  
Kevin Costner Chicago y alrededores, Estados Unidos Cumplimiento de la ley  
Kevin Costner Luoyang City, China Aeronáutica/Aviación  
Kevin Costner China Internet  
Kevin Costner Costner Madrid y alrededores, España Seguridad e investigaciones  


8 results found


8 results found

Kevin Costner films scenes on Camber Sands with Gal Gadot for new film Criminal

But it was treated to a foreign invasion of the Hollywood kind this week when Kevin Costner arrived to work on scenes for his new movie Criminal. The Bodyguard actor has been shooting the film across different locations in the South East alongside co ...


Kingston residents welcome the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and ...

But a seemingly ordinary residential street has been transformed into a filmset for a new feature film starring Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, Alice Eve and Tommy Lee Jones in the latest Hollywood venture in London. Criminal, directed by ...


Kevin Costner on 'Black and White,' race, and great movie speeches

When we first meet Kevin Costner's character, Elliott, in Black and White, he's alone at the hospital after a car accident has killed his wife (Jennifer Ehle). Shattered, he finally says, “I feel so sh-tty,” before going home and crawling inside a ...


Toronto Film Festival: Kevin Costner's Latest Is Shockingly Tone-Deaf About Race

People talk about movies dealing with race as "risky." Maybe what they're risking is coming across like Black and White does. Kevin Costner plays a cranky, loving Grandpa who's taking care of his half-black granddaughter. His daughter passed in childbirth.


Kevin Costner coming to Dallas for New Friends, New Life event

A big score for Dallas' New Friends, New Life: Kevin Costner will headline the non-profit's April 10 WINGS luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. TV film critic-turned-film producer Gary Cogill will interview Costner onstage. Adding to the A-list status ...


Screen grabs: Kevin Costner's Draft Day fails to make the big hits

Kevin Costner always gets to play the dominant male – it's his default position. How else do you explain the 59-year-old actor getting to claim Jennifer Garner, 42, as his secret love interest in this movie? Ok, that point made, let's dive into this ...


Kevin Costner on State of Race in 'Black or White': Maybe I Just Don't Like ...

Kevin Costner sits at the center of “Black and White,” a film about the custody battle over his biracial granddaughter. At the opposite end of this entry into the Toronto International Film Festival is Octavia Spencer, as the young girls' grandmother ...


EXCLUSIVE Photos: Behind the Scenes of Kevin Costner's Draft Day

Last week, we here at Parade debuted an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray release of Kevin Costner's latest sports film Draft Day. The fast-paced film, which follows Costner's character making the first overall pick in a fictionalized version of the 2014 ...



8 results found


10 results found