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Kristen Wiig

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Kristen Wiig, Alice Munro And Negative Space In Fiction

[This piece discusses the plot of both the Alice Munro short story on which Hateship Loveship is based and the film itself, although it's frankly nothing you can't intuit from the trailer.] The Alice Munro short story "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship ...


Kristen Wiig Gets Serious For Alice Munro Adaptation

The new film Hateship Loveship was adapted from an Alice Munro short story and stars Saturday Night Live alumna Kristen Wiig in a performance that's a far cry from her outrageous characters on the comedy show. In it, Wiig plays Johanna, a caretaker in ...


Kristen Wiig on 'Hateship Loveship,' SNL and why there'll never be a ...

There are very few things Kristen Wiig won't do in public. Play Dooneese, the bizarrely deformed sister in a girl-group act? Dress up as here-comes-trouble schoolgirl Gilly? Play awkward romantic scenes with Steve Carell, or be the butt of an even ...


Photo courtesy IFC Films

Here, that plain, middle-aged domestic servant (described by another character in the story as “no beauty queen, ever”) gets upgraded to Kristen Wiig, a wiry 40-year-old blond with doll-like features who could only count as unbeautiful in the rarefied ...


Kristen Wiig on Her Worst Babysitting Job Ever

Kristen Wiig plays a nearly catatonic babysitter. Worst scenario when she really was a babysitter? "Someone once knocked on the door and said the family's cat had been hit by a car," answered Wiig. “It was awful.” Wiig's co-star, Christine Lahti, said ...


Review: Reserved & Quiet 'Hateship Loveship' Starring Kristen Wiig, Guy Pearce ...

Following the smash success of "Bridesmaids," Kristen Wiig has actively subverted the obvious expectations of the career choices that normally follow a hit film. The actress has largely gravitated toward small-scale projects ("Girl Most Likely ...


Kristen Wiig's 7 Most Legendary Impressions

Case and point: Kristen Wiig. While on the show, Wiig was known for her celebrity impersonations, each one funnier than the next. Check out her 7 greatest hits below, and watch Wiig take a dramatic turn in Hateship Loveship tomorrow on iTunes/VOD and ...


Kristen Wiig Turns a New Page With Alice Munro Film 'Hateship Loveship'

Kristen Wiig takes on her first dramatic role in IFC Films' “Hateship Loveship”, out in theaters April 11. The “Saturday Night Live” alum plays Johanna Perry, a simple caretaker who is hired by Mr. McCauley (Nick Nolte) to work as a housekeeper and ...


Watch Mario Batali Cook Dinner for Picky Diners Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen

Actor Colin Hanks is on hand to play waiter to a two-top where comedians Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen sit and are hilariously "in a little bit of a hurry." The highly energetic Batali whips up a menu of lemony asparagus topped with a fried egg, Coppa ...


'Hateship, Loveship' review: Kristen Wiig's love woes

Kristen Wiig, taking a quiet but enormous risk, plays Johanna without any self-deprecating humor or physical hijinks; in fact, there's no sign that Johanna even has a sense of humor, just one of lonely duty. A martyr like this would be in real danger ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Kristin Wiig Bergen Area, Norway Individual & Family Services  


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Picture Name Location  
Wiig Bulbbulb NY  
Kristen Jourdonais San Diego, CA  
Dave Wiig West Chester, PA  
Steven Wiig New York, NY  
briana wiig auckland  
Steven Wiig Sausalito, CA  
Brian Wiig NY  
Jake Wiig Columbia, MO  
B. Kate Wiig Omaha, NE  
Casper Wiig København, Danmark  


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