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Larry King

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Inside Larry King's Complicated Mind, As Shown In Late-Night Tweets

A couple of nights ago, in the pre-dawn hours, Larry King took his Twitter followers on a personal tour of the inside of his own head. It all started at 1:40 a.m. with a simple declaration. Copyright © 2014 NPR. For personal, noncommercial use only ...


Larry King Tweeting 35 Random Thoughts At 2 AM is Hilarious

How is 81-year-old Larry King is better at Twitter than anyone I know? The former CNN star hosts an online talk show with four new episodes a week and still has time to tweet about everything from Jiffy Hoffa to Chinese Checkers at 2 AM. Though I don't ...


Let's revisit Larry King's 2 am Twitter rampage

We all have those moments late at night when the Netflix queue is just “meh,” everything in the freezer has been microwaved and eaten, and all there's left to do in this world is to tweet. It seems that Larry King had that kind of night as he tweeted ...


Larry King shares thoughts on everything from Donald Duck to Oreo cookies

Larry King has spoken to audiences via television and radio for decades, but he still has plenty to say – and now he has Twitter to say those things in the middle of the night. Late on the night of October 19 and early in the morning of October 20, the ...


Cardinals-Dodgers viewers found Larry King and Mary Hart very distracting

That's because Larry King and, to a lesser extent, Mary Hart were sitting behind home plate, easily viewable on the telecast. The two are regulars at Dodgers games, but the postseason spotlight brought them, it would seem, a whole new audience.



Pauley Perrette sits down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now”to talk about her passion project, Citizen Lane, how NCIS is the most popular drama in the world and spills beans on the new 12th season. Plus Pauley divulges her ...


Larry King Reveals Why You Shouldn't Die At 75 In Insane Standup Routine

Recently Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel wrote that he hopes he dies at age 75. The article got a lot of people riled up, but no one more than King. In fact, King became so mad that he went on "Conan" and performed a standup routine on exactly why you shouldn't ...


Larry King Is Not On Board With Dying at 75

King 2 Responding to Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel's article expressing his hope he dies at 75, Larry King explained earlier this week why the doctor is wrong. “I'm ticked,” King said on “Conan.” King, who is 80, doesn't get the die-at-75 argument. “Why 75? 75 ...


Larry King Discovers Shmoney Dance, Trends On Vine

Attendees at the panel have also revealed a few behind-the-scenes videos that show how the main Vine was created. I like to call it 'Vineception'. King, whose Larry King Now program airs on, is no stranger to the Internet. Therefore, I'm ready ...


Watch Steve Aoki Explain EDM To Larry King, Perform On Kimmel

EDM has now become far too big for people to ignore--including Larry King. King recently invited Steve Aoki onto his series, Larry King Now, to investigate the inner workings of EDM and dance culture in America. King asks all the questions you've ...



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Picture Name Location  
Larry King Redmond, WA  
Larry King Pompano Beach, FL  
Larry King St Petersburg, FL  
Larry King San Diego, CA  
Larry King Aidonia Chuodho Nairobi,Kenya  
Larry King Evansville, IN  
Larry King Goshen, OH  
Larry King Jr Huber Heights, OH  
Larry King Honolulu, Hawaii  
Larry King Brooklyn, NY  


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