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Leslie Todd

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School Ground Bullies in the Nation's Capital

On Dec. 2, the Council of the District of Columbia passed an amendment to the D.C. Human Rights Act, repealing protections for religious schools and colleges to determine their own rules regarding gay and lesbian student activities. If the current or ...


Retired White Plains Police Officer Kills His Two Daughters and Himself, Cops Say

Retired White Plains Police Officer Glen Hochman killed his two daughters, Alissa and Deanna Hochman, Saturday and then killed himself, according to police. The circumstances surrounding the incident, which occurred at Hochman's Harrison home on ...


Jailed And Newly-Elected Virginia Lawmaker Indicted On Perjury, Forgery ...

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A Virginia lawmaker who was just re-elected despite being jailed for a sex scandal with a teenager faces new felony charges. Special prosecutor William Neely announced the forgery and perjury indictment of Del. Joseph D.


Jeb Bush's policy minefields

Jeb Bush has said that he's willing to “lose the primary to win the general.” And conservative activists are already lining up to help make that a reality. His biggest vulnerabilities with the right are well known: He's a vocal supporter of Common Core ...


Celia Chambers

Celia is survived by her son, Chanlee (Vicki) Hall; daughter, Leslie (Todd) Truman; five grandchildren: James Douglas Hall, Alivia Hall, Truce (Carli) Truman, Shanley (Mitch) Melessa, and Boden Truman; two great-grandsons: Mack and Turk; her three ...


Colorado School Board Controversy Turning Frustrated Republicans Into ...

DENVER -- "For the first time in my life, I will probably vote a straight Democratic ticket." That realization came as something of a surprise to non-practicing attorney Wendy McCord, who has always thought of herself as a Republican. The mother of two ...


The Other Guy Behind The Mexican-American Studies Ban Lost His Primary Too

The second of the two main forces behind an Arizona law banning a controversial Mexican-American Studies curriculum admitted defeat in his bid for reelection as the state's Attorney General this week. Attorney General Tom Horne -- plagued by a campaign ...


The War Against ISIS Could Cost American Taxpayers Up To $1.5 Billion A Month

As the military campaign against the Islamic State expands into Syria, its cost will increase as well. According to one defense spending expert, the United States' war on the militant group could now be costing taxpayers up to $1.5 billion a month.


U.S. Lawmakers Sound Alarm Over Islamic State In Iraq

WASHINGTON -- U.S. lawmakers voiced concern Sunday over the growing threat in Iraq posed by the Islamic State, the militant group seeking to establish a caliphate across Iraq and Syria. "We need to defeat them," Sen. Ron Johnson said on "Fox News ...


DOD: Iraq effort cost more than 560 million

The American military campaign in Iraq has cost more than $562 million since it began mid-June, the Defense Department said Friday. Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters the daily cost has averaged about $7.5 million since June ...



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Leslie Todd  
Todd Leslie  
Leslie Todd  
Leslie Todd  
leslie todd  
leslie todd  
Leslie Todd  
Leslie Todd Watts Flemingsburg, KY  
Leslie E. Todd  
Todd Leslie  


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