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Lisa Armstrong

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Apple Watch: the fashion verdict

Apple have unveiled the new iPhone 6 - and, more significantly, the long-awaited Apple Watch which heralds the company's first foray into the style arena and wearable technology launch. Lisa Armstrong tried it on for size. BY Lisa Armstrong | 09 ...


Chanel: votes for handbags!

Karl Lagerfeld's mother, who sounds terrifying, but highly entertaining, was, it transpires, a great admirer of the German Jewish feminist Hedwig Dohm (pronounced, rather thrillingly, Doom). Dohm, a journalist, was born in 1831 and discovered her inner ...


Let's hear it for Theresa May as she promises to silence the Islamists

Naturally, I defer to m'learned colleague, Lisa Armstrong, in these matters, but a frock cut high at the front that billows out does look as if the wearer is struggling with trapped wind. Still, credit where it's due. Any bride who can emerge the day ...


RAF strikes, Theresa May v Boris Johnson and Chanel's Paris 'protest' show

"The spirit of emancipation that wafted fragrantly across the Chanel show invited us to join an exceedingly broad church," writes the Telegraph's Lisa Armstrong. "It even admitted flared, checked tweed trousers into the fold. And we all know they'll ...


9 best Scottish fashion innovations

Still undecided about the Scottish referendum? Here are 9 great fashion innovations Scotland has contributed to the world. BY Lisa Armstrong | 18 September 2014. Two hits in one: Scotland gave us Alexander McQueen and tartan Photo: FilmMagic. So far in ...


Chanel's Paris Fashion Week Show Ended With A Feminist Protest

... colorful coats, and knee-high boots. After the show, Karl reportedly revealed that his feminist ideology comes from his mother, “who was also a great admirer of a certain feminist of the 19th century”—Hedwig Dohm, according to Telegraph's Lisa ...


New clothes and new architecture at Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Foundation, as Frank Gehry's extraordinary new building in Paris's Bois de Boulogne, is officially known, hosted its first major public event today: a fashion show for Louis Vuitton.


Victoria Beckham: I don't want my store to be intimidating

Victoria Beckham: I don't want my store to be intimidating. Padding around barefoot in her first ever fashion boutique, Victoria Beckham gives a hands-on tour of her new retail home on Dover Street in London's Mayfair. BY Lisa Armstrong | 25 September ...


How to enjoy a Saint Laurent show? Get over the age thing

If you've ever been desperate to know what it feels like to be 97 - you've just been cast in the Upper Sixth, end of year production of Driving Miss Daisy for instance - I strongly recommend you insinuate your way into the next Saint Laurent show.


Can Kenzo put the fun into fashion?

It has been a serious few weeks. When the English, Scottish and Catalan fashion blocks weren't sitting up into the wee hours during Milan Fashion Week to catch up on the referendum, the Italians were sobbing into their cappuccinos over the latest ...



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Lisa Armstrong Toronto, Canada  
Lisa Armstrong Warri, Nigeria  
Lisa Armstrong Santa Fe, New Mexico  
Lisa Armstrong Auburn, CA  
Lisa Armstrong Hermosa Beach, CA  
Lisa Armstrong Salt Lake City, UT  
Lisa Armstrong Saint Petersburg, FL  
Lisa Armstrong-Rieu Québec  
Lisa Armstrong San Diego, CA  
Lisa Armstrong Epping, NH  


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