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Lisa Simpson

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    Lisa Simpson Unknown   1132 New window
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Lisa Simpson Long Beach, CA  
Lisa Simpson Chandler, AZ  
Lisa Simpson El Paso, TX  
Lisa Simpson Alicante, España  
Lisa Simpson Bruce, ACT  
Lisa Simpson Brandt The Colony, TX  
Lisa Simpson Voorhees Township  
LiSa Simpson Rivers Puebla  
Lisa Simpson Brooklyn, NY  
Lisa Simpson город Тольятти, Россия  


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'Simpsons' 'Family Guy' crossover brings out the 'ferocious side of Lisa ...

meg-lisa-simpson-family-guy-crossover.jpg "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" crossover event is upon us. When Peter, Louis, Stewie, Meg and Brian end up in Springfield they don't know what hit them. Obviously the family runs right into the Simpson family ...


18 Signs That Lisa Simpson Is Your Spirit Animal

Although they are often hilarious, whereas many modern animated comedies thrive on stupidity and lewd humour, The Simpsons has always made itself separate by keeping a big heart at its centre. That heart is encapsulated perfectly by characters like Lisa.


Yeardley Smith, voice of Lisa Simpson

Yeardley Smith is the voice behind one of the most well-known TV characters of all time. She has played Lisa Simpson on "The Simpsons" for the past 26 seasons. Smith took Fox 5 inside the production process and explained just how close she has become ...


Dangers of "lane-splitting" has motorists divided

"I just feel like it's dangerous," motorist Lisa Simpson. Motorcyclists insist the practice is safe when done with the same level of caution as regular motorcycle driving, and now a new study suggests they're right. According to a year-long analysis by ...


'Alice' stumbles on the way to Wonderland

Set designer Matthew T. Lazure's multi-tiered set creates some wonderful opportunities for creative staging, and Lisa Simpson's costume designs are simple but evocative, especially for the Caterpillar and Flower Buds. Music director Robert L. Rucinski ...


The Simpsons: “Treehouse Of Horror XXV”

Sure, Lisa, sucked into the Hellmouth along with him, finds momentary solace when an indoor snowfall proves that “it'll be a cold day in Hell when Lisa Simpson is popular,” but once she and Bart find a way out (via the Burns Hell-port, a division of ...


New season of 'The Simpsons' kicks off with death of a character. Who is it?

Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, voiced by Jackie Mason who won an Emmy Award for his role as the father of Krusty the Clown, kicked the bucket in the episode, which also had Lisa Simpson questioning the health choices of her own father and how that will affect ...


Young Glendale sisters lend a helping hand

There's one thing 9-year-old Karis Zavala rarely puts down: a miniature doll of Lisa Simpson from the animated sitcom “The Simpsons.” She's vowed for the past seven years to never let it go. That image popped into the head of Karis' 16-year-old sister, ...


Lisa Simpson, héroïne secrète des mathématiques

Le public la connaît avant tout comme l'intello des Simpson, famille moyenne américaine, dont le père dévore les chips aussi vite que le fils accumule les idioties. Mais on sait moins que, malgré sa robe bustier et son collier de perles, Lisa Simpson ...


Doctor Who Episode 8.9 Recap

Hidey ho readers, and welcome to Dork Shelf's recap of Doctor Who Season 8, Episode 9, “Flatline”. Did you miss my recaps? Well, I missed writing them; sitting on my couch grumbling about fictional characters to my loved ones is not as fun as making ...



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Picture Name Location  
Lisa C Simpson  
Lisa May Simpson CHICAGO, IL  
Lisa K.Ridley- Simpson LONG BEACH, CA  
Lisa Ann Simpson  
Lisa C Simpson  
Lisa Ann Simpson  
Lisa Simpson  
Lisa Simpson  
Lisa Simpson  
Lisa Simpson  


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