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Mike Tyson

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Picture Name Location  
Mike Tyson Henderson, NV  
Mike Tyson Jakarta Raya  
Tyson Mike Balikesir  
Mike Tyson Hong Kong  
mike tyson Miami Beach, FL  
Mike Tyson City of Malolos  
Mike Tyson Memphis, TN  
Tyson Mungkin Juga Mike Unknown  
Mike Tyson Jakarta  
Mike Tyson Marinette, WI  


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TV Review: Adult Swim's 'Mike Tyson Mysteries'

Silliness is an admirable quality, but to borrow a boxing metaphor, jabbing away with that alone represents a rather slim arsenal. Yet into the ring steps “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” the latest round in the former heavyweight champ's gradual transformation ...


A Dual Review of What's New, Starring Marianne Faithfull and Mike Tyson

Growing your own food is like printing your own money — it's the best. But that hydroponic nonsense? My butler says it will be tasteless. And I know from when I used to smoke marijuana that hydroponic grass can be dangerous. HYDROPONIC GARDEN.


Mike Tyson gets animated on new Adult Swim show

Mike Tyson says he's “always been a cartoon character” — so it makes some cosmic sense that he's starring in “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” a 10-episode animated series with a '70s throwback feel, premiering Oct. 27 (10:30 p.m.) on Cartoon Network's “Adult ...


Mike Tyson fights crime and solves mysteries in new cartoon series

Mike Tyson was once a championship boxer known for having the most vicious knockouts in the history of the sport. When his boxing career came to an end, he dabbled in acting, landing roles in films like the first two "Hangover" movies. When he got ...


Mike Tyson talks boxing, cartoons before 'Undisputed Truth' show in Tampa

MIKE TYSON: Sensational American heavyweight fighters. Americans like knockout artists, and we don't have that now. Whatever people might say, even if they're peaceful people, when they watch boxing, the reality is they want to see people get hurt.


Review: 'Mike Tyson Mysteries' Proves That Iron Mike Isn't Afraid to Dress ...

I'm sure Mike Tyson is the last person that many expected to appear on Adult Swim in any capacity, especially in an animated Hanna-Barbera-style mystery show. And yet, when he's running through the desert of Cormac McCarthy's ranch attempting to lay ...


Gennady Golovkin drawing comparisons to Mike Tyson

Gennady Golovkin is the new Baddest Man on the Planet — the modern day Mike Tyson. Boxing great Roy Jones Jr said as much after the WBA Super World middleweight champion (31-0, 28 KOs) destroyed challenger Marco Antonio Rubio (59-7-1, 51 KOs) ...


Mike Tyson: 'You learn humbleness when you get older in life'

Isabelle Kumar: “Mike Tyson, many thanks for joining me on the Global Conversation. You are here to perform your one-man show “The Undisputed Truth.” It charts the ups and downs of your life, and when you watch it you get the impression you want to set ...


Bite-size memories of Mike Tyson by the writer whose words packed a punch

He left behind the manuscript for Scream: The Tyson Tapes, an oral history of the career of Mike Tyson, which has now been edited by the former Guardian chief sports writer Richard Williams and is published this week. The edited extract below deals ...


Mike Tyson's amazing 1989 visit to DC during Howard's homecoming #TBT

A quarter-century ago, Mike Tyson was the world heavyweight champ, and he blew into Washington with the kind of style (a white Mercedes with gold wipers! a red velour jumpsuit!) that drew attention — sometimes from folks who mistook the boxer for a ...



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