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Omar Suleiman

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Israeli forces arrest 8 Palestinians overnight

He identified them as 26-year-old Rabi Hisham Muhammad Bahar, 26-year-old Issa Ali Issa Awad, and 18-year-old Omar Suleiman Ali Abu Ayyash. Israeli forces have detained 19 Palestinians in Beit Ummar since the beginning of September, he said.


Book Review: The Nile- Downriver through Egypt's past and present

As he travels down the Nile, he, equally skilfully, paints a portrait of Omar Suleiman, one of "the most notorious officials of the Mubarak era", who was born in Qena. The man and the place he came from are intertwined in a vivid snapshot with lines ...


MUHSEN and ReMosque-ing Individuals and Families with Special Needs

(Sh. Omar Suleiman). Why should others judge the way disabled individuals worship? Why should their faith be made to feel insignificant? They should be welcomed with a smile, a greeting of salaam (peace) and made to feel comfortable. Why does it matter?


Libya Turmoil Deepens as Islamists Name Rival PM

"Mr. Abdullah Altheni is relieved from his task as prime minister and defence minister in the caretaker government and Mr. Omar Suleiman Alhasi has been appointed to form a national salvation government within two weeks from now, and the leading ...


Scholar spotlight: Habib Ali al-Jifri, a Sufi kind of love

However, the tweet incurred the ill-feelings of prominent scholars such as Imam Suhaib Webb, Sheikh Omar Suleiman (both of whom aired their dissatisfaction on Facebook) and Tariq Ramadan, who recently wrote an open letter which went viral, believed to ...


Egypt's Wafd leader attacks elections law and accuses security elements of ...

Omar Suleiman. We were sitting in the first row. At worst they used to seat us in the second row." He added: "However, the political parties during President Sisi's celebrations, such as the celebration of his accession and the celebration during the ...


Guerra por el poder en Libia: guerrilleros islámicos anuncian su propio ...

"Se retiró a Abdullah al-Thani de su cargo de Primer Ministro del Innterior y Ministro de Defensa y se nombró a Omar Suleiman Salah al-Hassi para formar un nuevo gobierno nacional la próxima semana”, dijo Hmaidan, según All Africa. Al Thani por su ...


In scena per solidarietà al popolo della Palestina

Omar Suleiman ha portato la RESISTENZA PALESTINESE a Serra San Bruno e a Reggio Calabria attraverso la gastronomia e i racconti di Ghassan Kanafani. Gli stessi Luca e Nina hanno portato a S. Elia di Catanzaro lo spettacolo “In ginocchio” dedicato a ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Omar Suleiman Nigeria Transportation/Trucking/Railroad  
Omar Suleiman Greater San Diego en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Financial Services  
Omar Suleiman , Mba Saudi Arabia Telecommunications  
Omar Suleiman United Arab Emirates Mechanical or Industrial Engineering  
Omar Suleiman Jordan Hospitality  
Omar Suleiman Jordan Computer Software  
Omar Bahaisami Saudi Arabia Oil & Energy  
Omar Suleiman Saudi Arabia Construction  
Omar Suleiman Saudi Arabia Telecommunications  
Omar Suleiman Tanzania Hospital & Health Care  

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Picture Name Location  
suleiman omar  
omar suleiman  
omar suleiman  
Omar Suleiman  
omar shaher suleiman  
Suleiman omar  
Omari suleiman mambo  


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Picture Name Location  
Omar Suleiman Shamal Sina'  
Omar Suleiman عمان, Jordan  
Omar Suleiman Bojanala, South Africa  
Omar Suleiman NY  
omar Toronto  
Suleiman Karibov New York, NY  
Suleiman Mwangemi Nairobi  
suleiman Abdulkadir fache Abuja  
suleiman ishaku Niger  
suleiman mohammed New York, NY  


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