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Omar Suleiman

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Street in Cairo requested to be named after Omar Suleiman

Mourad Muwafi, the former chief of intelligence, requested to name a street in Cairo after Omar Suleiman, the late vice-president, to honor him for serving the country. “Omar Suleiman spent his life defending Egypt's national security,” Muwafi said in ...


The Last Great Myth About Egypt

The Palestinian Islamist organization also had help from the Syrians and Iranians, which was a source of great frustration for Mubarak's intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman. Still, when it came time for a deal, Hamas was unable to withstand the ...


The Egyptian ceasefire initiative and the questions it raises

Some of these warnings were disinformation communicated by General Omar Suleiman, Egypt's Director of General Intelligence for many years, who managed the issues of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the resistance factions. When he died he took ...


Will Egypt hold sway over Gaza flareup?

Follwing two major uprisings and the regime changes they brought about, along with the death of late intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, Egypt's stance on Gaza has been shrouded in increasing uncertainty. The remarkable policy discrepancies between ...


HAYDEN: Some of the best intelligence is no secret at all — it's social

We were then, of course, reflecting on the Arab Awakening, an understanding of which may not have been particularly advanced by purloining a document from the safe of, say, Omar Suleiman, then head of the Egyptian intelligence service. As good a ...


Health Conditions Stable in S. Darfur IDPs Camps

Khartoum – The Government of south Darfur State has confirmed the stability of health conditions in all Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps, revealing a comprehensive plan to confront the autumn season. State Health Minister, Omar Suleiman told ...


Reclaiming the January Revolution

For example, in February 2011, and in response to former security chief Omar Suleiman's then carrot-and-stick approach, the Brotherhood issued a statement that called for a “constructive, productive and sincere dialogue” with the former Hosni Mubarak ...


Egypt's New President: 'I Will Not Sleep And Neither Will You. We Must Work ...

[30] Operated along the lines of the late Omar Suleiman's notorious rendition program and outside the regular police and prison system, Azouli can hold 300 detainees who are subjected to Suleiman's array of torture – including electric shock on their ...


Accused kidnappers are rogue Hamas branch

Following these assassinations, Israel contacted the head of the movement's political bureau, Khaled Meshaal, through the Egypt's then-Minister of Intelligence Omar Suleiman, saying that if Hamas stopped its attacks, Israel would reciprocate by putting ...


Egypt and Palestine in the age of Sisi

... partner in the weakening of the Palestinian position, culminating in the aggressive role it played in the siege of Gaza since that Hamas electoral victory. Egypt's former chief of General Intelligence, the shadowy Omar Suleiman, was the architect ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Omar Suleiman Nigeria Transportation/Trucking/Railroad  
Omar Suleiman San Francisco Bay Area Financial Services  
Omar Suleiman United Arab Emirates Mechanical or Industrial Engineering  
Omar Suleiman Jordan Hospitality  
Omar Suleiman Saudi Arabia Construction  
Omar Suleiman Jordan Computer Software  
Omar Bahaisami Saudi Arabia Oil & Energy  
Omar Suleiman Saudi Arabia Telecommunications  
Omar Suleiman Tanzania Hospital & Health Care  
Omar Suleiman Omar Somalia Education Management  

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Picture Name Location  
suleiman omar  
omar suleiman  
omar suleiman  
Omar Suleiman  
omar shaher suleiman  
Suleiman omar  
Omari suleiman mambo  


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Picture Name Location  
Omar Suleiman عمان, Jordan  
Omar Suleiman Shamal Sina'  
Omar Suleiman Bojanala, South Africa  
Omar Suleiman NY  
omar Toronto  
Suleiman Karibov New York, NY  
Suleiman Mwangemi Nairobi  
suleiman Abdulkadir fache Abuja  
suleiman ishaku Niger  
suleiman mohammed New York, NY  


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