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Paul Ryan

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How Paul Ryan's budget fails

(CNN) -- The House recently approved the budget designed by Rep. Paul Ryan, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. Ryan claimed that his budget is balanced and "harnesses the power of economic freedom and respects ...


Paul Ryan's reverse-Robin Hood spending plan: Rob from the poor and give to ...

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, who authored the anti-Robin Hood spending plan, said the budget “comes down to a matter of trust.” Trust, Ryan believes, should be placed in the rich and Washington politicians like him, a Prince John man who devised a ...


Ryan isn't committing to 2016

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Paul Ryan is not running for president — at least not yet. The Wisconsin Republican was but a blip on the radar here Friday, in his second visit to the Hawkeye State since 2012. Continue Reading ...


Good News for Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan

It didn't attract much attention, but the Congressional Budget Office has changed the way it looks at the Republican plan for Medicare -- and its new look at the issue is good news for the plan's chief sponsor, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.


Paul Ryan on Barack Obama: I told you so

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Rep. Paul Ryan is having his “I-told-you-so” moment. During a speech here to the Iowa Republican Party, on his second trip back to the Hawkeye State since losing in 2012, Ryan said that one reason he and Republican nominee Mitt ...


'SNL' Spoofs Jeb Bush And Paul Ryan Trying To Woo Young Republicans At ...

If the GOP is going to reach young voters at music festivals like Coachella, they should probably avoid calling people "home slices" and using "ratchet" as an adjective. But don't tell Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan, the stars of this weekend's "Saturday Night ...


The Education of Paul Ryan

When Paul Ryan recently insinuated that the poor “in our inner cities,” are lazy, and revealed the source of his code for criticizing a “culture” of “men not working,” by citing Charles Murray's infamous Bell Curve, where Murray argued that blacks are ...


Paul Ryan's “New” Austerity Budget

by JEFFREY SOMMERS. America is currently plagued by people making bad personal choices. But, the worst decisions rendered are not those of everyday Americans treading water in order to keep their heads above water, but by politicians like Paul Ryan.


Dems broaden attack on Paul Ryan budget

The Paul Ryan budget just passed the House of Representatives, with many House Republicans who are running for Senate this cycle voting Aye. Dems have, of course, already signaled plans to make the Ryan budget central to their efforts to draw an ...


Paul Ryan's poor 'savings' plan

This is day two of the hearings on U.S. Rep Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) 2015 budget. We knew a big part of it was the repeal of Obamacare. All of it. We also knew that it took a meat ax to programs for the poor and the working poor. But the good folks at the ...



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Picture Name Location  
Paul Ryan New York, NY  
Paul Ryan Collegeville  
Paul Ryan New South Wales  
Paul Ryan New York, NY  
Paul Ryan North Andover, MA  
Paul Ryan Willmar, MN  
Paul Ryan Surrey, Canada  
Paul Ryan London, Beckenhan , kent  
paul ryan Kent, WA  
Paul Ryan Markham, Canada  

Flickr Profiles

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Picture Name Nickname Photos Location  
Paul Ryan Paul Ryan Sketchbooks etc 007 London, UK  
Paul Ryan pauls_1096 036 Macatawa, MI, USA  
Paul Ryan Paul Ryan Photo 349 United States  
Paul Ryan Mr. Paul Ryan 327 Los Angeles, CA  
Nicholas Ryan nicholas paul ryan 143  
Paul Ryan Eagle paul.ryan.eagle 79 Charlotte , United States  
Paul & Ryan Edwards 59  
Paul Ryan Javier paulryanjavier 53 Beijing, China  
Paul Ryan Shelley bigboss937 10  
Paul Ryan Paul R UK 8  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Paul Ryan Ierland Bankwezen  
Paul Ryan Greater Los Angeles en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Amusement  
Paul Ryan Sydney en omgeving, Australië Financiële diensten  
Paul Ryan Greater New York City en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Financiële diensten  
Paul Ryan Halifax en omgeving, Canada Financiële diensten  
Paul Ryan West Palm Beach, Florida , Verenigde Staten Management consulting  
Paul Ryan Montreal en omgeving, Canada Internet  
Paul Ryan Ierland Marketing en reclame  
Paul Ryan Canterbury, Verenigd Koninkrijk Computerspellen  
Paul Ryan Oldham, Verenigd Koninkrijk Plastic  


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