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Pavel Durov

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    Picture Name Age Location WOW factor  
    Pavel Durov Unknown   1048 New window
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Picture Name Location  
Pavel Durov Saint Petersburg  
Pavel Durov City of St. Petersburg  
Pavel Durov Saint-Petersburg  
Nikolay Durov Denpasar  
Nikita Durov Moscow  
Igor Durov Voronezh  
Andrey Durov Ulyanovsk, 81  
Ivan Durov Moscow, 48  
Nikita Durov Torrevieja, 60  
Vlad Durov Москва  


4 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Pavel Durov Israël Computersoftware  
Pavel Durov Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation Internet  
Pavel Durov Ander Internet  
Pavel Durov Rusland  


8 results found

Russian Email Giant Takes Over VKontakte, 'Russia's Facebook'

The concerns over VKontakte's independence started simmering in January, when the company's founder, 29-year-old Pavel Durov, sold his remaining stake to Ivan Tavrin, chief executive of telecom provider MegaFon, a company also controlled by Usmanov ...


How Vkontakte and overcame lawsuits, drama, and intrigue to reach a ...

“We rule out, and consider to be utopian, the full integration of Vkontakte into Group,” replied Pavel Durov, Vkontakte's general manager and minority shareholder at that time, in an open letter. In July 2011, nevertheless, Group ...


Russian Social Network VKontakte Appoints CEO

Before Mr. Dobrodeyev assumed his position in late April, the co-founder and former CEO of VKontakte, Pavel Durov, disposed of his stake and said he had been pushed out of the company, allegations that shareholders denied. In April Mr. Durov was ... deal firms control over VKontakte

Russian internet group has solidified control over VKontakte, the country's biggest social networking site, following a protracted three-way legal battle with VKontakte's founder Pavel Durov and United Capital Partners, another VK shareholder ...


Business this week

Earlier this year Pavel Durov, an entrepreneur who has been described as Russia's Mark Zuckerberg, left VKontakte, and Russia, claiming he had been ousted by allies of the Kremlin. Hampered by insipid sales of its mobile devices (among other things), ...


Usmanov's Seeks Full Control of Social Network Vkontakte, UCP and Pavel Durov, Vkontakte's whizz kid founder and former shareholder, have fought over the direction of the company, especially since Durov in 2011 refused to comply with requests from Russia's secret service, the FSB, to block pages on ...


Russia's Mail.Ru ends VKontakte dispute with $1.5 billion deal

The dispute over control and strategy led to VK founder Pavel Durov leaving the CEO post and accusing the shareholders of acting in the interests of the Kremlin, which has been tightening its grip on media and the Internet. The parties had filed mutual ...


Kremlin Wants to 'Protect Russian Cyberspace From Unpredictable West'

Moscow: Russia is mulling measures to protect its cyberspace from the "unpredictable" West, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman told AFP on Friday, as experts warned the Kremlin may be considering disconnecting the country from the global web.



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